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nCode ist ständig bestrebt den Kundennutzen zu steigern - durch Produkte und Dienstleistungen auf Spitzenniveau für die Rationalisierung von Engineering-Prozessen - mit dem Ziel unsere Kunden bei der schnellen Einführung profitabler Produkte zu unterstützen.

Sehen Sie sich an was einige unserer Kunden, die durch die Verwendung von nCode-Produkten und -Dienstleistungen bereits profitieren, über uns sagen:

Luft- und Raumfahrt


“Using GlyphWorks Accelerated Testing has enabled us to directly compare the fatigue damage and shock content of different vibration tests in a quantitative fashion. Furthermore, we can use it to clearly determine the safety margins between sign-off certification and installation on the production helicopter”

Trevor Walton, Principal Dynamicist - AgustaWestland

"Before we had Accelerated Testing we’d spend £100k’s a year on needless retesting equipment. We can now directly compare the severity of one test spec with another. I thought there would be reservations about test tailoring but after 3 months all my internal customers are adopting it. The tests are faster, cheaper and the safetymargin is increased."

Trevor Walton, Principal Dynamicist - AgustaWestland

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Lockheed Martin

“nCode’s lab is a unique facility for materials characterization because the nCode team offers more than just testing; they help understand what data is actually needed, specify the tests, prepare samples and interpret the results. I feel confident that material characterization data from the nCode lab can be used throughout the design process.”

Chief Engineer - Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Company

“We are seeing real productivity benefits in the speed with which engineers can find the data they need. nCode Automation is saving us time and improving our ability to share data with our project partners.”

Bob Simmons, JSF Structural Test IPT Leader - Lockheed Martin

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U.S. Forest Service

"nCode Automation is well-suited to what we were looking for. It was easy to set-up and get going, and has made our work so much easier. For the last few months we’ve been processing the airframe data just as we hoped.”

Aviation Management Specialist - U.S. Forest Service

“GlyphWorks is a very powerful visual analytical tool for test engineers, yet extremely user-friendly. You can learn to use the system in hours and go from being a novice to a professional in just days. I wonder how we were ever able to perform our tasks without GlyphWorks."

Manager, ERC - U.S. Forest Service

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“GlyphWorks has really been a time saver in our department. What used to take days can now be performed in hours. Great product.”

Principal Technician – Experimental Mechanics, Commercial Vehicle Systems

Chrysler Group LLC

“We have seen real time savings in performing random vibration tests by using GlyphWorks Accelerated Testing and will now look forward to promoting the method both internally and in our supplier base.”

Senior Specialist, Stress Lab & Durability - Chrysler Group LLC

GKN Autostructures

“Fatigue editing was completed in a couple of hours – it used to take a couple of days! GlyphWorks did everything it promised.”

Senior Test Engineer - GKN Autostructures

Mahindra & Mahindra

“Increasing channel counts, higher sampling rates, and tracing vast amounts of data as they move between different departments and partner companies are just some of the factors driving laboratories in the aerospace industry to consider new approaches to structural test data processing and management. After evaluation, we have chosen nCode as our supplier for these critical functions.”

Principal Engineer for Structural Test - Mahindra & Mahindra

“Analysis is the simplest task when using GlyphWorks and you begin to enjoy performing complex tasks. The ability to have all design and test data in one single environment makes GlyphWorks a unique and valuable tool."

Manager Reliability Engineering - Mahindra & Mahindra

PSA Peugeot Citroën

“Time at Level flows will help us to save the data analysis time by 90% by using Glyphwork software."

Arjun Phadatare - PSA Peugeot Citroën

Sachs Automotive

“nCode’s software provides PSA Peugeot Citroën with an easy-to-use, standard solution powerful enough to process and manage over 800 gigabytes of data.”

Manager, Customer Usage Synthesis Department -Sachs Automotive

Tata Motors Pune

“I have used other data processing tools for over 10 years but the problem is that they are not intuitive and they do not easily allow batching multiple files or steps. I have a data set coming in tomorrow that would have previously taken 2 weeks to analyze (168) files. It will take me about 8 minutes now. I am thoroughly impressed with the capabilities and ease of use [of nCode GlyphWorks].”

Senior NVH Development Engineer - Tata Motors Pune

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Hansen Transmissions

“We selected DesignLife because it combines an intuitive interface, the analysis functionality we needed for rotating machinery, as well as the ability to use complex load cases. nCode engineers worked with us during the evaluation process, ensuring that the DesignLife solution meets our needs.”

Dr. W. Meeusen, Head of Product Technology - Hansen Transmissions

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Andere Branchen


“The GlyphWorks ride quality process has been found to be fast and easy to use with results that are easily understood.”

Burr Ridge, Development Center - Freudenberg-NOK

Case New Holland

“We have seen real time savings in performing random vibration tests by using GlyphWorks Accelerated Testing and will now look forward to promoting the method both internally and in our supplier base.”

Senior Specialist, Stress Lab & Durability - CNH Case New Holland

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