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Customer success stories

nCode provides world-class products and services that streamline the durability engineering process – and help our clients deliver quality products while minimizing warranty costs and enhancing customer retention.

We are pleased to offer you success stories as an example of applications from some of our customers who have gained significant benefits from using nCode's products and services.

Achieving a 93% Reduction in Fleet Vehicle Test Data Collection Time

Implementation of the HBM solution, comprised of SoMat data acquisition systems; nCode software; a secondary custom automatic data download program; remote wireless data transmission capabilities; and automated workflows proved highly effective in streamlining fleet vehicle data collection.

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AL-KO extends product durability through target-oriented fatigue simulation

AL-KO logo“There is no better alternative to the solutions and licensing package HBM nCode offers for fatigue analysis and processing of measured data. With this kind of development process, we enhanced the lifetime of the 13” axle by five times, using the same material and with the same costs.”

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Products: nCode GlyphWorks, nCode DesignLife

BOA Optimizes Exhaust Flex-Joints to Market Faster and Reduces Design Risk 

BOA Group Logo"The ability to evaluate design options and if necessary change the design in the early stages of the design process increases confidence, reduces risk and helps get products to market faster."

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Products: nCode GlyphWorks, nCode DesignLife

BAE Systems Integrated Structural Testing Regime

A key aspect of BAE Systems’ approach to the F-35’s structural testing regime was the need to develop improved methods of managing test information. The company wanted to streamline its approach by adopting a new mind-set that challenged previous methods.

Read the full success story with BAE Systems on

Bombardier Achieves 8 Times Faster Validation of Wagon Ride and Safety with nCode GlyphWorks

Bombardier Transportation Logo“GlyphWorks provides the full range of tools that handles multiple formats of data files, eliminating the need to convert data from one format to another for use by different tools. This approach substantially speeds up the test data analysis process and ensures that every step is performed in strict compliance to the appropriate standard.”

Read full success story with Bombardier

Products used: nCode GlyphWorks

Cummins Helps Ensure Generator Set Reliability with nCode GlyphWorks

Cummins Power Generation Logo“GlyphWorks helps us deliver on our promises to our customers by providing all of the tools we need to manage and process test data under a single interface. Of particular value is the technology to predict fatigue life from measured data. These tools help us identify and solve potential problems before our products are shipped.”

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Products used: nCode GlyphWorks

French Skiing Federation optimizes ski cross performance with SoMat and nCode GlyphWorks

Use of instrumented grips (2nd gate from the right) during the training camp for the French ski cross team (Photo by the Sports and Science Department of the FFS)"We wanted software that was easy to use, offered powerful processing and that featured good reporting functionality since the purpose of the tests is to produce results that are easy to analyze without having to spend time converting and processing the data. nCode GlyphWorks offers all of these features."

Read full success story with FFS 

Products used: nCode GlyphWorks

Hansen Transmissions Selects nCode DesignLife for Wind Turbine Gearbox Fatigue Analysis

“We selected DesignLife because it combines an intuitive interface, the analysis functionality we needed for rotating machinery, as well as the ability to use complex load cases. nCode engineers worked with us during the evaluation process, ensuring that the DesignLife solution meets our needs.”

Read full success story with Hansen Transmissions 

Products used: nCode DesignLife

Lockheed Martin Durability Testing and Monitoring Structural Performance with nCode

"nCode products have served as a catalyst to accelerate the test program. nCode has enabled us to perform the post processing of over 4,000 channels of test data significantly faster than legacy programs. Most importantly, nCode delivers high quality results from which we are able to base key decisions."

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Products used: nCode GlyphWorks, nCode Automation

Millbrook uses nCode GlyphWorks to deliver unrivalled vehicle test service

Millbrook UK Logo“GlyphWorks ensures that tests can be safely run on a test circuit. Tests that had once taken two to three weeks can now be completed in one-third of the time with greater repeatability, security, safety and accuracy.”

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Product used: nCode GlyphWorks, GPS Processing, Optimized Testing

PSA Peugeot Citroën leverages nCode DesignLife to investigate and predict fatigue life of automotive components and subsystems

“In addition to using the Dang Van criterion and the other fatigue analysis capabilities nCode DesignLife offers we especially enjoy the user interface of the software and its operations based on pre-defined processes called Glyphs. We also appreciate the scripting capability that enables us to create more customizable analyses.” 

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Products used: nCode DesignLife

Turbomeca Reduces Typical Test Analysis Time for New Engines from 2 Months to 1 Week with nCode Automation

Turbomeca (Safran) Logo“The combination of GlyphWorks’ graphical environment and its specialized test data analysis tools together with nCode Automation has simplified the process of automating the test data analysis process to the point that we are able to automate almost all of the different types of files that we typically analyze.”

Read full success story with Turbomeca

Products used: nCode GlyphWorks, nCode Automation

Valeo Delivers Reliability and Performance at Right Cost with nCode GlyphWorks

Valeo Logo

“HBM-nCode is unique in the amount of testing knowledge possessed by its people, including both its developers and its technical support staff. We have worked closely with HBM-nCode to implement the latest methods for generating a damage equivalent synthesized power spectrum density in its GlyphWorks test data analysis software."

Read full success story with Valeo

Products used: nCode GlyphWorks

Aerospace Customer Reviews


“Using GlyphWorks Accelerated Testing has enabled us to directly compare the fatigue damage and shock content of different vibration tests in a quantitative fashion. Furthermore, we can use it to clearly determine the safety margins between sign-off certification and installation on the production helicopter”

Trevor Walton, Principal Dynamicist - AgustaWestland

"Before we had Accelerated Testing we’d spend £100k’s a year on needless retesting equipment. We can now directly compare the severity of one test spec with another. I thought there would be reservations about test tailoring but after 3 months all my internal customers are adopting it. The tests are faster, cheaper and the safetymargin is increased."

Trevor Walton, Principal Dynamicist - AgustaWestland

Read more on how AgustaWestland benefis from using nCode GlyphWorks

Lockheed Martin

“nCode’s lab is a unique facility for materials characterization because the nCode team offers more than just testing; they help understand what data is actually needed, specify the tests, prepare samples and interpret the results. I feel confident that material characterization data from the nCode lab can be used throughout the design process.”

Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Company

“We are seeing real productivity benefits in the speed with which engineers can find the data they need. nCode Automation is saving us time and improving our ability to share data with our project partners.”

JSF Structural Test IPT Leader - Lockheed Martin

Read more on how Lockheed Martin benefits from using nCode software & services

U.S. Forest Service

"nCode Automation is well-suited to what we were looking for. It was easy to set-up and get going, and has made our work so much easier. For the last few months we’ve been processing the airframe data just as we hoped.”

Aviation Management Specialist - U.S. Forest Service

“GlyphWorks is a very powerful visual analytical tool for test engineers, yet extremely user-friendly. You can learn to use the system in hours and go from being a novice to a professional in just days. I wonder how we were ever able to perform our tasks without GlyphWorks."

Manager, ERC - U.S. Forest Service

Read more on how USFS benefits from using nCode Automation


The combination of security, data management and analysis on a central server available in nCode Automation was particularly appealing to Turbomeca. nCode Automation has the ability to automatically process thousands of records from multiple data acquisition units with hundreds of measurement channels. It also offers greater security and traceability for data and analysis. "All these reasons led us to choose nCode Automation software”

Scientific IT manager from Technical Direction - Turbomeca

Read more on how Turbomeca benefits from using nCode Automation

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Ground Vehicle Customer Reviews


“With just a few simple FE-analysis based changes to the design, we were able to extend the durability of our 13“ axle by more than 5 times, having the same costs and material conditions as previously used. nCode DesignLife helps us to identify critical locations, and nCode GlyphWorks helps us to generate test rig signals easily. With a combined use of nCode software for both test and CAE analysis, we created opportunities in product development AL-KO previously didn’t have, and we could reduce prototypes, physical testing effort, costs, and development time.“

Wolfgang Hildensperger, responsible for FEM and fatigue analysis at AL-KO.


“GlyphWorks has really been a time saver in our department. What used to take days can now be performed in hours. Great product.”

Principal Technician – Experimental Mechanics, Commercial Vehicle Systems

Chrysler Group LLC

“We have seen real time savings in performing random vibration tests by using GlyphWorks Accelerated Testing and will now look forward to promoting the method both internally and in our supplier base.”

Senior Specialist, Stress Lab & Durability - Chrysler Group LLC

GKN AutoStructures

“Fatigue editing was completed in a couple of hours – it used to take a couple of days! GlyphWorks did everything it promised.”

Senior Test Engineer - GKN AutoStructures Limited

“We don't use nCode heavily - it mainly gets used for fatigue analysis on one side and data analysis on the other… it's a fantastic tool, and I'm not sure where we'd be without it for some things!”

CAE Project Leader, GKN AutoStructures Limited

General Motors

“Fatigue analysis is a vital part of our design process at GM...nCode DesignLife brings proven technology and process improvements to enable durability assessment before physical prototypes are made.”

Dr. A.K. Khosrovaneh, Structural Durability Technology Manager - General Motors

Read more on how General Motors benefits from using nCode DesignLife 

Ford Motor Company

Over 100 registered users at Ford now have the ability to search, share, retrieve, and process archived data from over 1.5 terabytes of data from 800 vehicle-related sets of road load data and a total of 2,800 projects using nCode Automation.

Read more on how Ford Motor Company benefits from using nCode Automation

Mahindra & Mahindra

“Increasing channel counts, higher sampling rates, and tracing vast amounts of data as they move between different departments and partner companies are just some of the factors driving laboratories in the aerospace industry to consider new approaches to structural test data processing and management. After evaluation, we have chosen nCode as our supplier for these critical functions.”

Principal Engineer for Structural Test - Mahindra & Mahindra

“Analysis is the simplest task when using GlyphWorks and you begin to enjoy performing complex tasks. The ability to have all design and test data in one single environment makes GlyphWorks a unique and valuable tool."

Manager Reliability Engineering - Mahindra & Mahindra

PSA Peugeot Citroën

“Time at Level flows will help us to save the data analysis time by 90% by using Glyphwork software."

Arjun Phadatare - PSA Peugeot Citroën

See how PSA Peugeot Citroën leverages nCode DesignLife to investigate and predict fatigue life of automotive components and subsystems

Sachs Automotive

“nCode’s software provides PSA Peugeot Citroën with an easy-to-use, standard solution powerful enough to process and manage over 800 gigabytes of data.”

Manager, Customer Usage Synthesis Department -Sachs Automotive

Tata Motors Pune

“I have used other data processing tools for over 10 years but the problem is that they are not intuitive and they do not easily allow batching multiple files or steps. I have a data set coming in tomorrow that would have previously taken 2 weeks to analyze (168) files. It will take me about 8 minutes now. I am thoroughly impressed with the capabilities and ease of use [of nCode GlyphWorks].”

Senior NVH Development Engineer - Tata Motors Pune

Tower International

“nCode DesignLife provides reliable fatigue life prediction to aid in the development of structural products. It has helped us to minimize the development time and cost associated with building prototypes and has also enabled us to evaluate multiple design concepts in a short period of time. We feel DesignLife is a user-friendly and flexible CAE fatigue and durability software.”

CAE Engineer - Tower Automotive

See how nCode DesignLife is used for weight and cost reduction of chassis structures


".. engineers are using nCode DesignLife, for instance, to analyze hood slams. After gathering data from three slam velocities, the engineers can run the stress time history through nCode DesignLife to determine the number of cycles required to induce cracking. With this process, nCode DesignLife saves both cost and time in the testing."

CAE Supervisor - Van-Rob


“HBM-nCode is unique in the amount of testing knowledge possessed by its people, including both its developers and its technical support staff. We have worked closely with nCode to implement the latest methods for generating a damage equivalent synthesized power spectrum density in its GlyphWorks test data analysis software.”

Group Reliability Director - Valeo

Read more on how Valeo uses GlyphWorks for basing vibration tests on realistic specifications

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Wind Energy Customer Reviews

Hansen Transmissions

“We selected DesignLife because it combines an intuitive interface, the analysis functionality we needed for rotating machinery, as well as the ability to use complex load cases. nCode engineers worked with us during the evaluation process, ensuring that the DesignLife solution meets our needs.”

Head of Product Technology - Hansen Transmissions

Read more on how Hansen Transmissions are using nCode DesignLife

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University Testimonials

East China University of Science and Technology

East China University Logo

"My work is related to education and research in the field of fatigue and fracture of structures, with a focus on life design and analysis of gas turbine and aero engine. My research team has been using the nCode software to analyze the fatigue life of gas turbine rotors and to undertake research in high temperature damage tolerant design. Currently, the software has been successfully applied to the life analysis of ultra-supercritical turbines and cylinders, and the damage tolerant design of a new type of welded rotor. The software has a friendly interface and allows for my PhD students to develop new analysis methods. The analysis results obtained by the software are also in agreement with measurements. We like the software. It is a powerful analysis platform for research indeed."

- Fu-Zhen Xuan, Ph.D., Professor of Mechanical Engineering, East China University of Science and Technology



ENSTA Bretagne

ENSTA Bretagne Logo

ENSTA Bretagne is a French national graduate engineering institute which offers three year engineering programs to both civilian and military students. The courses are of high quality and are designed to ensure that students have an excellent level of expertise in their chosen field of Engineering. ENSTA Bretagne graduates are able to design, build and manage complex electronic and mechanical systems. ENSTA Bretagne was founded in 1971 and is a multidisciplinary engineering institute under the auspices of the French Defense Ministry (DGAC).

ENSTA Bretagne prepares engineers for many different industries such as electronics, computer sciences, telecommunications, automotive engineering, naval construction, offshore engineering, land-based vehicles, mechanical engineering, structural calculations, energetic materials and underwater detection systems. In Marine and Offshore Engineering Option, students are especially trained on fatigue and material science.

nCode software provides very graphical interface where we can easily demonstrate to our students how to perform fatigue analysis considering all parameters. We will benefit from the current material database and also the possibility to add material data coming from our Laboratory call LBMS. Over the last 10 years, we have developed a new technique to derive fatigue curves from our specific quick method based on thermometry.

- Cédric Doudard, Laboratoire Brestois de Mécanique et des Systèmes, ENSTA Bretagne



University of Huddersfield

The Turbocharger Research Institute (TRI) at the University of Huddersfield has been established to develop training to support companies at the forefront of this technology and to conduct research relating to the use of turbochargers. The program is part of a UK Government Regional Growth Fund project and has links with leading firms in the field.

Prior to being appointed Professor of Automotive Engineering and Director of the TRI, I became familiar with nCode software in the commercial world. It is important for our MSc students to have exposure to the sort of commercial fatigue software that they are likely to encounter during their career.

HBM-nCode delivers lectures focused on fatigue and creep-fatigue at high temperatures as part of the Advanced Materials module in our Turbocharger Engineering MSc degree. We find that their expertise in fatigue and durability is particularly useful as turbochargers present engineers with many complex fatigue challenges. For example; aluminium impeller durability is driven by high speed centrifugal forces, creep is an issue for aluminium compressor housings, and thermo-mechanical fatigue is an issue for turbine housings.

- John M. Allport BEng PhD CEng FIMechE, Professor of Automotive Engineering, Director of the Turbocharger Research Institute, University of Huddersfield




Manchester Metropolitan University

Manchester Metropolitan University Logo

I teach Computer Aided Fatigue Analysis on the MSc Mechanical Engineering course at the Manchester Metropolitan University. We follow nCode 5-box trick process and use a suite of CAE software in an integrated manner including MBS(ADAMS or equivalent) to generate fatigue load, FEA(ANSYS) to determine the stress distribution and FE-based fatigue software(nCode DesignLife) to determine the ‘hot spot’ areas and calculate fatigue damage. The assignments are usually based on physical vibrating systems or mechanisms in the lab and require the students to carry out virtual fatigue design to achieve target fatigue life through iterations. At each stage, verification using theoretical solution or validation using measured data is carried out.

nCode is an excellent software for teaching and learning fatigue theories since the students can see how the loading scenarios, the stress concentrations and the cyclic material data as well as other parameters result in the fatigue behaviour of the component as they learned in the lectures and from textbooks. nCode software makes the study and practice of CAE-based fatigue design close to real-world applications since it can deal with complex loading and geometry and provides a variety of fatigue analysis options. In general, our students feel motivated to learn nCode software since they see the wide ranging industrial applications that their future engineering jobs may encounter. nCode software has also been used in several PhD and MSc projects involving automotive and wind turbine applications.

- Dr Sophie Lo, Senior lecturer, School of Engineering, Manchester Metropolitan University



Oakland University

Oakland University Logo

"I taught an advanced fatigue class on Vibration Fatigue Theories and Applications (ME 7

95) at the Oakland University in 2011 and 2012, respectively. In this class, my graduate students learned the theories and the procedures to develop fatigue validation test specifications for random vibrations and swept-sine vibrations. 

Since the nCode software has the analytical tools developed for the emerging frequency-based fatigue theories I covered in class, it then became the best application software for use in class. I was so grateful for the kind support from Jeremy Durrant and Jon Aldred so that my students can use the software for filtering data, comparing sine and random vibration inputs in terms of fatigue damage, calculating rainflow cycle counts, performing FFT on time histories and inverse FFT on power spectral densities, waterfall analysis, and developing automated test specifications. Through the use of Glyphs and Process development the learning process is sped up.  The alternatives can be very tedious and time consuming.  In the end my students learn more in a shorter amount of time with a tool like this.  I would very much welcome access to use nCode as a learning tool and for research purposes"

- Dr. Yung-Li Lee, SAE Fellow, Adjunct Professor of Oakland University, Walter P. Chrysler Senior Technical Fellow



University of Michigan

Our university project team designs and builds single-seated all-terrain prototypes for the Baja SAE Collegiate Design Series. Our designs and analysis involve all sorts of testing and physical measurements taken with various sensors collected with a SOMAT eDAQ. Sensors include: wireless torque-sensing telemetry devices, strain gauges, accelerometers, GPS devices, and linear potentiometers, just to name a few. We use the collected data to better understand our component and system designs and the scenarios for which we design. The software also has an easy-to-learn interface, therefore it is simple for multiple team members to benefit from it. We are excited to further integrate nCode into our design process by using the software for more fatigue analysis as well as data reduction. For example, we used nCode software to collect telemetry data from torque sensors on driveshafts, and we are working to use that data to analyze the fatigue damage seen by the system.

- Jason Willig, Team Captain, University of Michigan SAE Baja Racing 2014-15




University of Warwick

WMG Logo

"“I am currently using nCode for my EngD research whilst studying at the University of Warwick. In this research, I am working within a team of doctoral students to assess the current suite of vibration test standards available to Electric Vehicle (EV) manufacturers for the robustness and durability testing of their battery packs and cells. Prior to this research I gained experience with nCode in the commercial world and have read several academic papers on how other engineers and academics had applied the different functions within nCode GlyphWorks to evaluate the suitability of test profiles, etc. We have found nCode to be a valuable partner of WMG, offering support and a wealth of knowledge for us to draw upon as we research the effects of vibration of electric vehicles."

- James Hooper MSc, BEng (Hons), IEng (IMechE),  Vehicle Electrification and Energy Storage, WMG, University of Warwick



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Case New Holland

“We have seen real time savings in performing random vibration tests by using GlyphWorks Accelerated Testing and will now look forward to promoting the method both internally and in our supplier base.”

Senior Specialist, Stress Lab & Durability - CNH Case New Holland

Cummins Power Generation

“The software is built in a very professional and user friendly way and the thought process behind it is amazing. Great work there!”

Senior Mechanical Engineer, Applied Technology - Cummins Power Generation

Read how Cummins Helps Ensure Generator Set Reliability with nCode GlyphWorks Test Data Analysis Software


“The GlyphWorks ride quality process has been found to be fast and easy to use with results that are easily understood.”

Burr Ridge, Development Center - Freudenberg-NOK


"For ISRI, durability simulation is of greatest importance. It helps us to find hotspots before building prototypes and therefore reduces development time. With nCode DesignLife we have found a suitable tool for our requirements: The extensive configuration options, the clear GUI and the user-friendly method for modeling and calculating weldings all speak for themselves.”

Nico Geisler, durability specialist - Isringhausen

Read how Isringhausen uses nCode DesignLife to reduce development time

MGA Research Corporation

“Thanks to the performance capability of nCode GlyphWorks®, we can reduce test times and obtain results much more rapidly. The creation of graphical reports is very simple with this great tool for calculating damage”, said David Nagle, test engineer at MGA.

Test Engineer - MGA Research Corporation

Read how MGA uses nCode GlyphWorks for the processing of test bench data

Netshape Engineering Services

“We’re pleased with the results of fatigue studies conducted using DesignLife – the results correlate well with physical test data.”

Engineering Manager - Netshape Engineering Services


“The interface is a visual piece of software and that makes it very easy and instinctive to work with.” 

Ewan Browell, Trials Manager - QinetiQ

Read how QinetiQ uses nCode GlyphWorks to quickly analyze measured data

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