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Customer success stories

nCode provides world-class products and services that streamline the durability engineering process – and help our clients deliver quality products while minimizing warranty costs and enhancing customer retention.

We are pleased to offer you success stories as an example of applications from some of our customers who have gained significant benefits from using nCode's products and services.

Achieving a 93% Reduction in Fleet Vehicle Test Data Collection Time

Implementation of the HBM solution, comprised of SoMat data acquisition systems; nCode software; a secondary custom automatic data download program; remote wireless data transmission capabilities; and automated workflows proved highly effective in streamlining fleet vehicle data collection.

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AL-KO extends product durability through target-oriented fatigue simulation

AL-KO logo“There is no better alternative to the solutions and licensing package HBM nCode offers for fatigue analysis and processing of measured data. With this kind of development process, we enhanced the lifetime of the 13” axle by five times, using the same material and with the same costs.”

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Products: nCode GlyphWorks, nCode DesignLife

BOA Optimizes Exhaust Flex-Joints to Market Faster and Reduces Design Risk 

BOA Group Logo"The ability to evaluate design options and if necessary change the design in the early stages of the design process increases confidence, reduces risk and helps get products to market faster."

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Products: nCode GlyphWorks, nCode DesignLife

Bombardier Achieves 8 Times Faster Validation of Wagon Ride and Safety with nCode GlyphWorks

Bombardier Transportation Logo“GlyphWorks provides the full range of tools that handles multiple formats of data files, eliminating the need to convert data from one format to another for use by different tools. This approach substantially speeds up the test data analysis process and ensures that every step is performed in strict compliance to the appropriate standard.”

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Products used: nCode GlyphWorks

BAE Systems Integrated Structural Testing Regime

A key aspect of BAE Systems’ approach to the F-35’s structural testing regime was the need to develop improved methods of managing test information. The company wanted to streamline its approach by adopting a new mind-set that challenged previous methods.

Read the full success story with BAE Systems on

Cummins Helps Ensure Generator Set Reliability with nCode GlyphWorks

Cummins Power Generation Logo“GlyphWorks helps us deliver on our promises to our customers by providing all of the tools we need to manage and process test data under a single interface. Of particular value is the technology to predict fatigue life from measured data. These tools help us identify and solve potential problems before our products are shipped.”

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Products used: nCode GlyphWorks

French Skiing Federation optimizes ski cross performance with SoMat and nCode GlyphWorks

Use of instrumented grips (2nd gate from the right) during the training camp for the French ski cross team (Photo by the Sports and Science Department of the FFS)"We wanted software that was easy to use, offered powerful processing and that featured good reporting functionality since the purpose of the tests is to produce results that are easy to analyze without having to spend time converting and processing the data. nCode GlyphWorks offers all of these features."

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Products used: nCode GlyphWorks

Hansen Transmissions Selects nCode DesignLife for Wind Turbine Gearbox Fatigue Analysis

“We selected DesignLife because it combines an intuitive interface, the analysis functionality we needed for rotating machinery, as well as the ability to use complex load cases. nCode engineers worked with us during the evaluation process, ensuring that the DesignLife solution meets our needs.”

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Products used: nCode DesignLife

Lockheed Martin Durability Testing and Monitoring Structural Performance with nCode

"nCode products have served as a catalyst to accelerate the test program. nCode has enabled us to perform the post processing of over 4,000 channels of test data significantly faster than legacy programs. Most importantly, nCode delivers high quality results from which we are able to base key decisions."

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Products used: nCode GlyphWorks, nCode Automation

Millbrook uses nCode GlyphWorks to deliver unrivalled vehicle test service

Millbrook UK Logo“GlyphWorks ensures that tests can be safely run on a test circuit. Tests that had once taken two to three weeks can now be completed in one-third of the time with greater repeatability, security, safety and accuracy.”

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Product used: nCode GlyphWorks, GPS Processing, Optimized Testing

PSA Peugeot Citroën leverages nCode DesignLife to investigate and predict fatigue life of automotive components and subsystems

“In addition to using the Dang Van criterion and the other fatigue analysis capabilities nCode DesignLife offers we especially enjoy the user interface of the software and its operations based on pre-defined processes called Glyphs. We also appreciate the scripting capability that enables us to create more customizable analyses.” 

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Products used: nCode DesignLife

Turbomeca Reduces Typical Test Analysis Time for New Engines from 2 Months to 1 Week with nCode Automation

Turbomeca (Safran) Logo“The combination of GlyphWorks’ graphical environment and its specialized test data analysis tools together with nCode Automation has simplified the process of automating the test data analysis process to the point that we are able to automate almost all of the different types of files that we typically analyze.”

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Products used: nCode GlyphWorks, nCode Automation

Valeo Delivers Reliability and Performance at Right Cost with nCode GlyphWorks

Valeo Logo

“HBM-nCode is unique in the amount of testing knowledge possessed by its people, including both its developers and its technical support staff. We have worked closely with HBM-nCode to implement the latest methods for generating a damage equivalent synthesized power spectrum density in its GlyphWorks test data analysis software."

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Products used: nCode GlyphWorks

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