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nCode Products News - Autumn 2014

We are pleased to share some recent news announcements including the continuation of the seminar series 'nCode Experts on Tour', a new seminar "Role of Vibration in Fatigue" and upcoming nCode webinars on wide variety of topics.

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HBM nCode Continues Successful Workshop Series This Autumn

We are pleased to announce the continuation of the popular free technical workshop series, “nCode Experts on Tour”, this autumn with three locations in The United Kingdom.

“The focus of each workshop is to provide attendees with a real-world understanding of key engineering concepts,” said Paul Roberts, Product Manager, HBM-nCode. All workshops are led by nCode Application Engineers, who are experts at using nCode software across a broad spectrum of applications. “By providing in person access to our application engineers, these workshops have proved an invaluable learning experience for attendees.”...

Learn more about Experts on Tour

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Vehicle Lightweighting: Remove weight, not strength

With the push to create lighter weight products, engineers are presented with the challenge to maintain a balance between reducing weight and retaining strength. Considerations include the use of:

  • Steel vs Aluminum
  • Fatigue of fiber-filled composites
  • Joining of dissimilar materials

Improvements in fatigue life analysis make it possible to evaluate where mass reduction can be achieved without sacrificing durability.

Learn more about maintaining durability when lightweighting during a LIVE webinar on October 15 @ 15:00 BST (10:00 ET).

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HBM Award: Vibration Strength of Bonded Joints

As part of the fourth Symposium on Structural Durability (SoSDiD), Dr. Halvar Schmidt, a scientist at the Fraunhofer Institute for Structural Durability and System Reliability LBF, was presented with the HBM Award for his dissertation "Vibration strength analysis of structural bonded joints under a load with variable amplitudes."

The calculation procedure described by Dr. Schmidt makes it possible to exploit significant lightweight construction advantages in complex adhesive structures in vehicle manufacturing.

In a candid interview, Schmidt shares how the fatigue analysis capabilities provided by nCode GlyphWorks and nCode DesignLife support lightweight construction and the increasing use of adhesive structures in vehicle.

Read the complete interview with Dr. Schmidt on

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New Seminar on Vibration & Fatigue

Join us in Chicago, IL as we debut a new seminar, The Role of Vibration in Fatigue, on October 6th.

“Vibration and Fatigue are two linked phenomena that need to be understood and managed together,” explains Kurt Munson, Engineering Manager, HBM-nCode. nCode software’s capabilities for signal processing, frequency analysis, and fatigue life prediction address this challenge, by providing engineers a unique look at the intersection of vibration and fatigue.

“This seminar will explore the crucial link between vibration and fatigue, and show that by understanding both we can avoid unnecessary over-design and prevent operational failures.” ...

Learn more about the Role of Vibration in Fatigue seminar series

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Top 10 Ways to Make your Process Smarter with Metadata

The word “data” can mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people. Within the context of engineering analysis, it typically refers to a static set of quantitative values that are the result of a measurement. By itself, this data doesn’t reveal much in terms of effective decision-making information. For this reason, when raw data is brought into GlyphWorks, useful descriptive and statistical information about the raw data called Metadata is automatically generated. This added layer of abstraction aids the analyst in deriving knowledge from the raw data. Moreover, Metadata provides a robust foundation for process automation.

Learn more about Metadata and see its many uses in GlyphWorks, at a LIVE webinar on December 17 @ 15:00 GMT (10:00 ET).

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