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New User Stories | nCode product feedback | 8 Materials added to Premium Materials Database

We are pleased to share some recent news announcements including a recently published customer success story from PSA Peugeot Citroën, the proceedings from our 2014 User Group Meeting (UGM) and the addition of 8 new materials to our Premium Materials Database.

2014 nCode Products User Group Meeting Proceedings

Over 200 attendees joined us for the 2014 nCode Products UGM held May 14/15 in Livonia, Michigan (USA). The agenda focused on the latest and most pertinent topics in fatigue & durability, CAE, and test & measurement technology, including presentations by:

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PSA Peugeot Citroën Leverages nCode DesignLife to Investigate and Predict Fatigue Life of Automotive Components and Subsystems

Passenger cars are subject to vast loads and rough operating conditions in their day-today use. Even when enduring the worst roads or driving conditions, all vehicle components and subsystems have to operate properly and reliably. The challenge car makers face every day is designing cars to withstand all possible use cases during their entire product lifecycle.

Therefore, significant effort is required to predict and test the fatigue life of vehicle systems and components in order to improve quality, prevent failures, and lower warranty costs. To support these investigations, PSA Peugeot Citroën uses nCode DesignLife software by HBM within their development processes for fatigue analysis...

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“In addition to using the Dang Van criterion and the other fatigue analysis capabilities nCode DesignLife offers we especially enjoy the user interface of the software and its operations based on pre-defined processes called Glyphs. We also appreciate the scripting capability that enables us to create more customizable analyses.” -Philippe Bristiel, PSA Peugeot Citroën.

Materials added to the nCode Premium Materials Database

The Advanced Materials Characterization & Test Facility (AMCT Facility) has added 8 new materials to the Premium Materials Database released at nCode 10.

These new materials include:

  • AA 5251-H22 Aluminium Alloy Longl
  • AA 5251-H22 Aluminium Alloy Trans
  • AISI 4145H Mod Steel
  • BS EN10025 Grade S355J2_12mm_Longl
  • BS EN10025 Grade S355J2_12mm_Trans
  • MgAl6Mn Magnesium Alloy
  • SAE 8620H - As-rolled
  • Ti6Al4V – bar

Learn more about the nCode Premium Materials Database

Download the nCode Premium Materials Database

The Premium Materials Database, available exclusively to nCode CDS users, now has a collection of fatigue parameters for 80 materials, comprised of commonly used types of steel and aluminium.

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