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nCode DesignLife is available through the Altair Partner Alliance to provide a CAE based fatigue analysis solution. nCode DesignLife for HyperWorks may be accessed through a license pool known as HyperWorks Units (HWUs), which allows metered usage of the entire suite of Altair products and other third-party products.

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Example: Isringhausen

"For ISRI, durability simulation is of greatest importance. It helps us to find hotspots before building prototypes and therefore reduces development time. With nCode DesignLife we have found a suitable tool for our requirements: The extensive configuration options, the clear GUI and the user-friendly method for modeling and calculating weldings all speak for themselves.”

- Nico Geisler, durability specialist, Isringhausen

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Example: SEGULA Technologies

In addition to HyperWorks, we also use our HyperWorks Units to access several tools provided by the APA. Among those, the most interesting tool for us is DesignLife. As it is, we did not find another software tool in the software market which is better for us to perform fatigue simulations. There is one automotive customer in particular here in France requiring the use of DesignLife for fatigue analysis – and thanks to the APA it was not necessary for us to buy an annual license of this tool. Nevertheless, we can use DesignLife under the new license system and are able to handle all fatigue tasks successfully – and at no extra costs," explains Alexis Gorse.

- Alex Gorse, CAE Team Manager, SEGULA Technologies

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