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HBM-nCode invites you to attend a one-day educational seminar that will provide a technical introduction to the theory and background of fatigue and durability analysis.

The emphasis is on practical engineering considerations for ensuring product performance – not the mathematical equations! Learn how durability analysis methods offer benefits in the quest to provide durable products faster, cheaper and better.

This seminar will cover:

  • Introduction to fatigue and durability
  • The factors affecting fatigue life
  • Common fatigue analysis methods, including Stress-Life (SN), Strain-Life (EN), and crack growth
  • Physics of fatigue and the development of analysis methods
  • Application of fatigue analysis to both measured strain gauge data and simulation results from finite element analysis (FEA)
  • Using nCode software for fatigue and durability analysis

What past attendees are saying about this seminar:

  • "Great presentation, good information, not commercialized"
  • "Very informative and exceeded expectations of information covered!"
  • "These seminars are a great opportunity to learn and ask questions"
  • "Gave me better understanding of the crack initiation method we already use"
  • "I was impressed by the ease of making fatigue analysis"
  • "Gave in-depth theory and tools for analysis"
  • "Being new to the fatigue process, I found it very beneficial to attend this seminar"
  • "I Discovered a better way to analyze FEA data for fatigue stress"
  • "Provided a clear explanation of fatigue theory"

Who should attend?

  • CAE Analysts
  • Product Design Engineers
  • Test Engineers
  • Engineering Managers

A prior knowledge of material behavior and general structural mechanics, typical of most practicing engineers, is helpful but not required.

NEW Dates & Locations coming soon!

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