Reduce Product Development Time

Up-front design tools such as nCode DesignLife™ can be used in order to maximize the likelihood of successful physical testing and reduce product development time. With this finite element based tool, fatigue and durability may be calculated from FEA results for both metals and composites.

About HBM-nCode

As new materials and increasingly radical solutions are required in more applications, the need to simulate and optimize designs using tools such will increase prior to physical prototyping.

With over 30 years of expertise in durability and data analysis solutions, nCode enables customers to:

  • Understand product performance
  • Accelerate product development
  • Improve design

Video Highlights of nCode User Application

Connect with fatigue and durability experts

Check out our YouTube channel for a brief introduction on using DesignLife to perform CAE-based fatigue life predictions. You will see how results from finite element (FE) solvers such as ANSYS, NASTRAN and Abaqus can be combined with real measured loads data to calculate fatigue lives in a powerful, process-oriented environment.

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