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nCode Automation

Automated and Web-based Processing

nCode Automation is a complete environment for automated data storage, analysis and reporting. nCode Automation also provides a web-based collaborative interface for sharing test data and associated information throughout an organization. Automation is an environment to learn from large amounts test data and share the knowledge.

nCode Automation applies some of the same concepts used in business intelligence to engineering data, enabling data to be processed for trends and identifying relationships that can be used to make better decisions. Engineers can create complex queries without having to learn the structure of the underlying database or how to write SQL. Report layouts can combine analysis tasks with database queries to create a rich, graphical summary of information. Reports can even be scheduled to be performed at recurring intervals and users or managers can be notified with an e-mail including a link to the latest report.

nCode Automation features a leading-edge architecture integrated with best-in-class software components to provide a system which is scalable from the desktop to a corporate-wide deployment.

Key Features

  • Find the right data when you need it
  • Automate your analysis and publish the results via the web
  • Communicate key information through interactive reports and email notifications through the web
  • Add metadata and characteristic values for search and reporting
  • Search associated documents, images and video with the data
  • Collaborate by using secure data access from anywhere in the world

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  • Spend less time looking for data and maximize value of testing
  • Improve efficiency by bringing test and CAE results together
  • Better understand your data
  • Increase data re-use.
  • Reduce effort of distributing data and reports to end-users

Typical Applications

  • Road Load Data Projects
  • Flight Loads Monitoring
  • Operational Load Monitoring
  • Customer Usage Profiling
  • Fleet & asset Monitoring
  • Engine Test Cell Data Management and Processing
  • Test Rig Data Management and Processing
  • Test Cell Data Management

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