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nCode Automation Product Options

nCode Automation Product Options

nCode Automation delivers on-line analysis for all your engineering data. Built on robust industry standard technology including J2EE, and leveraging Oracle and WebSphere. It scales across the largest of organizations, can be configured and rolled out quickly to your users, giving them controlled access to engineering data and analysis via the web.

All editions of nCode Automation feature:

  • Search - Text searching including metadata and contents of attachments (e.g. Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, Adobe PDF files).
  • Data Processing - Runs GlyphWorks process flows to generate additional data.
  • Characteristic Values - Defines configurable metadata values to describe the data.
  • Query Templates - Returns data, tables of values and charts using database queries.
  • Report Flows - Runs GlyphWorks process flows for processing as part of report generation.
  • Report Templates - Combines Queries and Report Flows with text editor to create complete report.
  • Reports - Stores saved instances of created reports.

Personal Edition

nCode Automation Personal Edition (Automation PE) takes the power of Automation and applies it to local data. It is fully integrated with and is an ideal addition to nCode GlyphWorks. Data which can be analyzed with GlyphWorks can be managed with Automation Personal Edition. Automation PE organizes and analyzes data on the same computer (e.g. the engineer’s laptop) or directly accessible from the computer such as a shared network drive. Automation PE does not use a remote filestore for this data. Instead, it “indexes” the data that is available locally.

Automation PE provides the ability to:

  • Find the right data quickly
  • Ensure consistent & repeatable analysis
  • Manage and understand the analysis results

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Workgroup Edition

Automation Workgroup Edition is a cost effective system for a single group or department. It extends the capabilities of Personal Edition by enabling data sharing and collaboration. Easily installed, Workgroup provides an immediate off-the-shelf solution, including the required database and web application server.

With Workgroup edition you can:

  • Immediately start sharing data with reduced effort
  • Securely manage access to data
  • Collaborate on projects via web access

Engineers equipped with only a web browser can access, view and analyze stored data. Data, together with documents, images and spreadsheets can be searched and downloaded. Using nCode Automation, engineers can define over the web the server-side analysis processes to be performed rather than time-consuming data transfers and manual analysis tasks. This also helps standardize analysis processes, which improves the quality and repeatability of results. Calculations are very flexible and even allow retrospective analyses to be performed on existing stored data. Workgroup Edition includes a fully featured batch license of GlyphWorks for server-side processing.

A new analysis routine can be applied to years of catalogued data, thus maximizing the value of the tests performed. This functionality ensures a ‘future-proof’ system that can continue to learn from data and evolve as required.

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Enterprise Edition

nCode Automation Enterprise Edition provides a scalable solution for corporate, multi-site or global data access. Requiring IBM Websphere 6.1 and Oracle 10, Automation Enterprise Edition is a world-class solution for the largest of engineering data challenges.

More on Enterprise Edition...

Enterprise Edition also uses ftps and https for high security data access via the internet and audit control means that you know exactly who has seen what when. Data in the file store can be given permissions even at the channel level giving ultimate control to who can access what data.

Enterprise Edition includes all the same powerful search, analysis and reporting capabilities as Workgroup Edition and also includes a fully featured batch license of GlyphWorks for server-side processing.

Current clients for Automation Enterprise Edition include leading OEMs and suppliers from aerospace and automotive industries worldwide such as The Chrysler Group and Lockheed Martin.

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  • title=Automated report generation enables raw data and results to be summarized on a single downloadable page.
  • title=Simple search functions enable easy retrieval of raw data and supporting documents.
  • title=Report highlighting and charts make trends easily distinguishable.
  • title=A wide range of analysis results can be included in reports.
  • title=Results from statistical, vibration, or durability analysis are stored along with the raw data for searching and trending.
  • title=Reports can be published to a wider community, so managers can focus on understanding results, not performing data analysis.
  • title=Raw data can be viewed directly inside the web browser without need for download or plugins.
  • title=nCode Automation provides a web-based collaborative interface for sharing test data and associated information throughout an organization and/or around the globe
  • title=Results can be summarized across an entire project to highlight trends and differences.
  • title=Quickly find and display engineering data using nCode Automation’s powerful search engine.