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nCode CDS

nCode Complete Durability System (CDS)

nCode CDS is a method for customers to access nCode products including GlyphWorks, DesignLife, VibeSys, and the Premium Materials Database.

nCode CDS licensing method uses a number of CDS Units for each product option used. This provides an extremely flexible system which means you can run whatever product option you like in whatever combination required - up to the available limit of CDS Units.

View product options and CDS unit scenarios (PDF)

No more deciding which exact features you need or how many users will use it – simply decide the upper limit of units to be leased. This includes functionality for both physical test and virtual CAE, all through one integrated product suite.

By providing access to the unique range of nCode products, nCode CDS truly provides a complete durability system with ultimate flexibility.

Key Features

  • Cost-effective leased licensing system for nCode products: GlyphWorks, DesignLife, VibeSys, Automation PE, and the Premium Materials Database 
  • Flexible usage of CDS Units across all product features
  • Quarterly reports to understand license utilization


  • Flexibility to use functionality as and when required
  • No need to justify purchase of individual product features
  • Maximize usage of licenses across departments
  • Increase integration in durability processes

Typical Applications

  • Corporate installations with multiple users in both test and CAE
  • Departments with varied application of nCode products