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Automated Data Analysis Applications

The modern engineering world is full of engineering data. Measured data provides valuable insight into product usage. It also brings challenges like large data files and high channel counts. It’s crucial to make the most of measured data to understand product service, performance, and life.

HBM-nCode understands the value and the challenges of engineering data. We understand what engineers want from their data and what decisions need to made with that data.

nCode Automation uses robust standard software architecture optimized for large data sets. We separate the raw data from the metadata, increasing searching speed. We have built in automated analysis ensuring standard reports are readily to hand - and use a security model that makes sure only the right people have access to the approved data and information. Users can even readily configure the on-line analysis routines - and build powerful queries and reports.

nCode Automation is fast to configure and can be deployed in any environment where test data needs to be shared, analyzed and reported on. Applications have been deployed in the automotive, aerospace, defense and off road industries.

nCode Automation delivers:

  • the right data, report or analysis
  • to the right user
  • at the right time.

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Acquiring engineering data?

Using and sharing engineering data and need to manage it?