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Aerospace Industry

Aerospace Industry

nCode software provides a streamlined solution for the Aerospace industry by bringing together a wide array of automated analysis and reporting capabilities into one environment. You can perform frequency-based analysis procedures on rotating components, perform test-based or CAE-based fatigue calculations, create accelerated shaker table profiles, and you can even incorporate custom or proprietary calculation through Matlab and Python code integration, and much more all from within the same software environment. The result is streamlined and standardized analysis and reporting procedures that can be easily created, maintained, and shared, saving you time and money.

With nCode Software, Aerospace engineers can:

  • Accelerate design evaluations and design changes
  • Extend the life of existing systems and improve maintenance schedule
  • Rapidly understand the impact of system modifications
  • Improve development scheduling based on structural integrity - mission readiness
  • Make test data and analysis results availible quickly to the right people
  • Avoid over design and the associated cost and weight
  • Ensure consistency and enforce standards
  • Automate complex analysis and processes
  • Allows engineers to collaborate and work together
  • Deliver actionable information

Watch this webinar to learn more about nCode solutions for Aerospace 

Aerospace Design with nCode DesignLife

Aerospace design and engineering can be extremely demanding on software applications. Processes have to be rigorously applied and controlled, so software solutions must be well designed, easy to understand, consistently repeatable, and straightforward to execute. With nCode DesignLife, analysis and reporting processes can be created by simply dragging and connecting analysis components (called 'glyphs'). These processes can be locked down to enforce QA procedures and protect your IP as required.

nCode DesignLife enables Aerospace engineers to perform:

CAE-based Fatigue Analysis

  • Identify when and where failure could occur
  • Multi-axial SN and EN fatigue analysis
  • Non-linear and linear FE analysis of transient or quasi-static loading
  • Simple to complex multi-axial loading spectra
  • Vibration fatigue from random or swept sine loading
  • Recover strains at specified locations and compute fatigue lives using virtual strain gauges (read more)

Virtual tests

  • Accelerate evaluation and minimize prototype tests and costs (e.g. MIL-STD-810F) by predicting the structural performance directly from FE models

Damage Tolerance Analysis

  • Optimize inspection intervals by predicting critical crack lengths, growth rates and estimating maximum permissible flaw size
  • Perform forensic failure studies (including estimation of initial flaw size - EIFS)

Material Characterization

  • Provide accurate and comprehensive material properties for:
    • Fatigue life prediction and analysis
    • Comparison of material supply sources for consistency of quality

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Aerospace Test Analysis with nCode GlyphWorks

Aircraft development, testing, and monitoring programs can, and frequently do, generate vast amounts of data. nCode GlyphWorks software is a comprehensive solution for de-noising and analyzing measured test data gathered from multiple sources. A complexity of measured data can be quickly transformed into easy to understand information and reports from which informed engineering and management judgments can be made.

nCode GlyphWorks enables Aerospace Engineers to perform:

Structural Test

  • Automatic data validation, processing, trending and fatigue analysis
  • Automatic alerts for trends defining onset of failure and excessive fatigue accumulation rates
  • Analyze and understand all types of data

Engine Test

  • Vibration analysis with order extraction
  • Octave analysis
  • Noise weighting functions
  • Joint Time Frequency Analysis (JTFA)
  • Frequency Response Function Analysis (FRF)

Environmental Test

  • Simplify, tailor and accelerate realistic shock and vibration tests
  • Qualify components and systems for service on different aircraft platforms using existing evidence
  • Equipment re-lifing and de-lifing assessments

Flight Test

  • Improved quality and availability of information for design and certification teams through automatic data validation and upload
  • Understand mission readiness and usage severity
  • Advanced data analysis, trending and reporting

Human Factors Assessment

  • Whole body shock and vibration assessments

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nCode Automation Data Warehouse

With the huge amount of data generated from aircraft, cataloguing and management of data becomes an issue in itself. Often the information describing the data is not readily available, therefore finding and accessing the correct data is a time consuming process. nCode Automation was designed with collaboration between design and test in mind. It provides a complete environment for automated data storage, analysis and reporting. Automation also provides a web-based collaborative interface for sharing test data and associated information throughout an organization.

nCode Automation provides:

Powerful web-based data management and analysis:

  • Consistent information and processes between design, test, and flight operations
  • Maximize availability of information throughout organizations while meeting import/export compliance requirements
  • Server-side analysis avoids complex client desktop software proliferation and large file transfer

Secure and scalable:

  • 'Future proof' system that captures evolving experience and can rapidly re-process legacy data
  • Maximum flexibility to instantly access information while recognizing required privileges and restrictions
  • Scalable solutions from single server to multi-platform systems

Read more about nCode Automation

Webinar: Solutions for Making Key Decisions From Test Data

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OLM and HUMS with nCode software

Many aircraft being built today will still be in service years from now and an increasing number of operational aircraft will be subject to re-lifing. nCode software has specific application to OLM (Operational Loads Monitoring) and HUMS (Health and Usage Monitoring) to provide engineers and operators with the tools they need to have confidence in the continuing airworthiness of aircraft throughout their lifecycle.

Benefits of using nCode software for OLM & HUMS:

OLM Ground Station

  • Understand usage severity by automatically validating and characterizing measured data
  • Categorize maneuvers and flight events to understand the loads generated
  • “Future-proof” long term usage by performing retrospective analysis on archived data at any time when new methods are implemented

HUMS Ground Station

  • Automatically assess damage and trends to warn of durability issues using “Physics of Failure”
  • Schedule maintenance based on CBM and RCM initiatives
  • Determine mission readiness by:
    • Comparing usage severity across the fleet
    • Diagnostic trending
    • Prognostic analysis
  • Re-lifing analysis

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Aerospace Customer Reviews


“Using GlyphWorks Accelerated Testing has enabled us to directly compare the fatigue damage and shock content of different vibration tests in a quantitative fashion. Furthermore, we can use it to clearly determine the safety margins between sign-off certification and installation on the production helicopter”

Trevor Walton, Principal Dynamicist - AgustaWestland

"Before we had Accelerated Testing we’d spend £100k’s a year on needless retesting equipment. We can now directly compare the severity of one test spec with another. I thought there would be reservations about test tailoring but after 3 months all my internal customers are adopting it. The tests are faster, cheaper and the safetymargin is increased."

Trevor Walton, Principal Dynamicist - AgustaWestland

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Lockheed Martin

“nCode’s lab is a unique facility for materials characterization because the nCode team offers more than just testing; they help understand what data is actually needed, specify the tests, prepare samples and interpret the results. I feel confident that material characterization data from the nCode lab can be used throughout the design process.”

Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Company

“We are seeing real productivity benefits in the speed with which engineers can find the data they need. nCode Automation is saving us time and improving our ability to share data with our project partners.”

JSF Structural Test IPT Leader - Lockheed Martin

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U.S. Forest Service

"nCode Automation is well-suited to what we were looking for. It was easy to set-up and get going, and has made our work so much easier. For the last few months we’ve been processing the airframe data just as we hoped.”

Aviation Management Specialist - U.S. Forest Service

“GlyphWorks is a very powerful visual analytical tool for test engineers, yet extremely user-friendly. You can learn to use the system in hours and go from being a novice to a professional in just days. I wonder how we were ever able to perform our tasks without GlyphWorks."

Manager, ERC - U.S. Forest Service

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The combination of security, data management and analysis on a central server available in nCode Automation was particularly appealing to Turbomeca. nCode Automation has the ability to automatically process thousands of records from multiple data acquisition units with hundreds of measurement channels. It also offers greater security and traceability for data and analysis. "All these reasons led us to choose nCode Automation software”

Scientific IT manager from Technical Direction - Turbomeca

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