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Off Highway Industry

Off Highway Industry

HBM-nCode is a leading provider of durability focused solutions to the Off Highway industry – providing end to end solutions from test analysis, CAE fatigue evaluation, data management and process control.

nCode helps the Off Highway engineer:

  • Perform powerful analysis quickly and efficiently
  • Dramatically save analysis time – often from days to minutes
  • Avoid over design and associate cost and weight
  • Automate complex analysis and processes
  • Share and analyze field data easily

CAE Fatigue Analysis with nCode DesignLife

CAE fatigue analysis dramatically reduces the reliance upon physical prototyping by predicting durability performance earlier in the design process. nCode DesignLife works with major FEA software packages, including NASTRAN, ANSYS, HYPERMESH and ABAQUS, and incorporate advanced fatigue analysis capability with stress-life, strain-life, spot weld and seam weld models.

DesignLife allows for rapid fatigue analysis and can incorporate company specific fatigue methods and material property databases. Uniquely, DesignLife integrates real loading data within the CAE analysis software, and can even act as a virtual shaker table.

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Test Data Analysis with nCode GlyphWorks

nCode products are well-known for our fatigue and durability analysis – but nCode GlyphWorks analysis software does a lot more.

nCode GlyphWorks is the leader in multi-channel, large dataset analysis. GlyphWorks delivers both durability-focused time domain processing and noise and vibration tools that include octave analysis and waterfall analysis for rotating machinery. GlyphWorks' data processing capability is also ideal for many other applications such as analysis of powertrain loads, ride and handling data and laboratory test results.

GlyphWorks provides a graphical means to create an automated analysis process without any scripting needed. Just drag and drop building blocks to create the required analysis workflow. The software is powerful, simple and intuitive to use - from data to report in just couple of mouse clicks!

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Example: CNH (Case New Holland)

“The GlyphWorks ride quality process has been found to be fast and easy to use with results that are easily understood.”

- Don Perrin, Burr Ridge Development Center

Accelerated Testing with nCode GlyphWorks

nCode has developed advanced methodologies based on international standards that help customers develop accelerated testing programs.

Many vehicle components require validation using some sort of durability test. This could include full scale structural testing in the time domain, or component testing with random vibration inputs. Challenges include quantifying how realistic these test specifications are, comparing different test specs and generating new profiles for completely new products. nCode GlyphWorks Accelerated Testing allows customers to compare and generate test profiles – providing direct savings in time and money.

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Field Data Management with nCode Automation

The process of collecting field or service data is complex and expensive – and an important part of the product development cycle. nCode has worked with major OEMs for years providing software and systems for data acquisition, test analysis, data management and reporting.

nCode Automation and nCode GlyphWorks work together to streamline the data analysis and management process, delivering the right measured data to the right customers, in the right format.

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Application Note: Achieving a 93% Reduction in Fleet Vehicle Test Data Collection Time

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Materials Testing

nCode has a specialized material testing facility for customers who require high quality, repeatable material characterization. This means that fatigue analysis using nCode GlyphWorks and nCode DesignLife can be enhanced with the specific fatigue properties that accurately reflect your component.

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