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Signal Processing

Engineers live in a world of measured data. The challenge is converting raw data into valuable information. Large data files are difficult to analyze because of long file length and high channel count. Further, analysis techniques vary with application – from durability analysis to noise and vibration analysis to performance analysis.

nCode GlyphWorks software is targeted at rapid, powerful and user-friendly signal processing. It processes measured test data in the time domain, frequency domain and other powerful ways. Analysis functions include accelerated testing, durability, fatigue, frequency ...

nCode GlyphWorks features an intuitive drag-and-drop interface that ensures engineers spend their time interpreting the results, not developing the process. nCode GlyphWorks is inherently multi-channel and multi-file enabled so large datasets can be analyzed quickly and efficiently.

nCode GlyphWorks delivers:

  • Ease of use: Build a process by drag and drop
  • Wide range of analysis techniques: Durability, noise, vibration, statistics ...
  • Multi-channel and multi-file for time savings

Why nCode?

Our solutions are closely integrated - saving time and increasing productivity.