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Article: Overloaded with data?
Engineers are often overloaded with data and can waste much time looking for the data they require. A new solution enables meaningful search and automated processing (UKIP Automotive Testing Technology November 2009)
0.1 MByte
Case study: Durability testing and monitoring structural performance
Since early 2006, Lockheed Martin has utilized nCode software for the monitoring, collection, analysis and management of data for F-35 Joint Strike Fighter full-scale test articles.
2 MByte
Case Study: Turbomeca Reduces Typical Test Analysis Time for New Engines from 2 Months to 1 Week with nCode Automation
Turbomeca (Safran) designs, builds, markets and supports the most comprehensive range of low to- medium-power gas turbines for helicopters. Extensive physical testing is required for the development of new engines, development of derivative engines and qualification of engines for new applications. In the past it took Turbomeca about two months...
1 MByte
Case Study: USFS Deploys nCode Automation Monitoring System
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Whitepaper: Web-based Processing and Automation of Test Data
Discover web-based processing and automation of test data with nCode Automation (Aerospace example)
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