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FE-based Fatigue Analysis with nCode DesignLife

Course Overview

This course will show you how to use nCode DesignLife software to perform finite element-based fatigue analysis. Class time is split between lecture on fatigue analysis techniques and hands-on sessions where you get to put concepts into action with DesignLife software.

Course Objectives

  • Importing geometry and stresses from FE packages like ANSYS, ABAQUS, NASTRAN, PTC Creo and Altair OptiStruct into DesignLife
  • Assigning material fatigue properties
  • Replicating real world loading cycles
  • Assessing fatigue life with methods like stress-life (SN) and strain-life (EN)
  • Displaying and interpreting results

Course Concepts

  • Applying stress superposition and unit load cases
  • Exploring stress combination methods and plasticity corrections
  • Analyzing dynamic and frequency domain stresses
  • Using the CAE glyph
    • Predefined glyphs
    • User-customized glyphs
  • Creating FE-based fatigue processes – including results output styles
    • Standard processes for company use
    • Identifying hotspots
    • Automated methods for accelerating fatigue solution times

Course Agenda

Duration: 2 days

Day 1

  • Learning the nCode interface
  • Introduction to fatigue analysis
  • Using the stress-life (SN) and strain-life (EN) methods
  • Material properties
  • Creating load cycles
  • Multiaxial stresses and fatigue methods
  • Duty cycle analysis and damage summation
  • Introduction to advanced edit

Day 2

  • Multiple runs
  • Running in batch
  • Virtual strain gauge
  • Spot weld and seam weld fatigue
  • Modal superposition
  • Vibration fatigue
  • Other advanced topics:
    • Dang Van multiaxial assessment
    • Adhesive bonds
    • Composites
    • Thermo-mechanical fatigue
    • Load reconstruction

Course Timing

Course timing is flexible and will vary to suit the attendees. The schedule for day 1 is fixed – because it covers the basics that most users will need. Day 2 covers the more specialised applications (eg spot-welds) and different attendees will want to spend more or less time on each example. They may also wish to adapt one of the examples to suit their own work.

Who Should Attend?

The course is aimed at engineers who need to predict fatigue life from FE-derived stresses.

It is assumed that attendees are familiar with FE modelling practices and general structural analysis concepts. No prior knowledge of nCode software is required.

This course will briefly cover fatigue theory, but it will focus on using these concepts in software. Attendees looking to learn more about the background of fatigue theory are encouraged to attend our course called Practical Fatigue Theory.

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