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Accelerated Testing with nCode GlyphWorks


1 day

Course Outline

This training course will teach engineers how to use nCode GlyphWorks software to create accelerated shaker profiles for frequency domain validation testing.  Topics covered includes a background on vibration analysis, durability and validation testing, fatigue and durability – and how these concepts are all brought together to create a realistic shaker test.  The use of equivalent fatigue damage and shock are explored in creation of these shaker specifications. 

Further, this course will teach how quantifiable comparisons can be made between existing shaker profiles – for example, how to compare a sine sweep test to a random PSD test, or how to compare an existing test specification with new measured field vibration data.

This accelerated testing course is split between classroom lecture and hands-on software usage. There are no prerequisites for this course, although a basic understanding of nCode GlyphWorks is helpful.

In this class, you will learn how to use nCode GlyphWorks software to:

  • Create a shaker specification for validation or durability testing
  • Compare existing shaker specifications with measured field vibration data

Contact us to arrange for this training course to be held at your site - we will tailor an agenda specifically for you.