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Article: better, faster durability tests
Reproduced with kind permission of Automotive Testing Technology International.
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Article: Knowledge of material properties offers added value
HBMhotline Issue 1/2010 - Test & Measurement Edition
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Article: Proving Ground Optimization
New technology for proving ground-schedule development enables durability engineers to get best value and minimize test time (UKIP Automotive Testing Technology November 2010)
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Brochure: Accelerated Testing Module Details
An overview of the features and capabilities of the Accelerated Testing, a production option available for nCode GlyphWorks and nCode VibeSys.
Brochure: Optimized Testing Module Details
An overview of the Optimized Testing product option available in nCode GlyphWorks.
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Case Study: AgustaWestland selects GlyphWorks for Super Lynx 300
This document describes how AgustaWestland is using nCode GlyphWorks' Accelerated Testing module for Super Lynx 300.
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Case Study: Bombardier Achieves 8 Times Faster Validation of Wagon Ride and Safety with nCode GlyphWorks
Bombardier Transportation now uses nCode GlyphWorks test data analysis software to automate this process, reducing the time required to analyze test data...
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Case Study: Cummins Helps Ensure Generator Set Reliability with nCode GlyphWorks
Cummins Power Generation is a world leader in the design and manufacture of diesel engine generator sets, spark-ignited natural gas and propane engine generators and lean-burn gas engine operators. nCode GlyphWorks was selected because of its wide range of data processing capabilities including specialized options such as...
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Case Study: Valeo Delivers Reliability and Performance at Right Cost with nCode GlyphWorks
Valeo is one of Europe’s largest car parts suppliers, providing components for nearly all global car manufacturers. Valeo worked with HBM-nCode to implement this approach in nCode GlyphWorks test data analysis software and uses this software to quickly generate synthesized test signals to drive fatigue test systems.
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Produktdetails: Accelerated Testing Produktoption
Ein Überblick über die Features und Einsatzmöglichkeiten von „Accelerated Testing”, eine spezielle Produktoption von nCode GlyphWorks.
Produktdetails: Optimized Testing Produktoption
Ein Überblick über die Features und Einsatzmöglichkeiten von „Optimized Testing”, eine spezielle Produktoption von nCode GlyphWorks.
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Rissfortschrittsberechnungen mit der modernen Software-Suite nCode 7
Author: Dr.-Ing. Stephan Vervoort
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Whitepaper: Accelerated Vibration Testing Based on Fatigue Damage Spectra
Author: Dr. Andrew Halfpenny
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Whitepaper: Environmental Accelerated Testing. Use of Virtual Test to Extend Physical Approach
Author: Andrew Halfpenny and Frédéric Kihm, presented at ASTE 2008 Vibrating components are highly susceptible to fatigue failure. Most components must fulfill some form of durability certification test prior to production. Tests are conducted on real prototype components or use a CAE based simulation of the component...
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Whitepaper: Obtaining a Swept Sine on Random Vibration profile
This article presents a methodology which enables to superimpose a swept sine and a power spectral density of acceleration to check the mechanical durability of engine- or gear box-mounted components. Authors: Dr. Andrew Halfpenny and Frédéric Kihm, HBM-nCode; Benoît BEAUM, PSA PEUGEOT CITROËN; and Jean Manuel CHAMBORD, Areva
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Whitepaper: Proving Ground Optimisation based on Fatigue Damage Spectra
In order for Automotive OEMs to meet specific reliability levels, they need to design vehicles using loading conditions based on realistic customer usage. This paper illustrates how to Optimise the mixture of proving ground track surfaces to achieve a close match to the target customer profile in the most efficient manner...Author: Andrew Halfpenny and Frédéric Kihm, HBM nCode and Andrea Vertua, CNH.
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