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Article: Driving for Durability
E-Z-GO engineers quickly and accurately design a reliable utility vehicle part that saves manufacturing costs. ANSYS Advantage, Vol. IV, Issue 1 2010
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Article: Trotz Gewichtsreduktion eine hohe Lebensdauer
Im „Silicon Valley“ der Offshore-Windindustrie in Bremerhaven sitzt einer der führenden Windenergieanlagenhersteller der Offshore-Multimegawattklasse: AREVA Wind. Mit der richtungweisenden Kompaktbauweise ist die Windenergieanlage Multibrid M5000 speziell auf die Bedingungen auf hoher See zugeschnitten. (Quelle: Firmenzeitschrift Infoplaner (Ausgabe 2011-1) der CADFEM GmbH,
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Brochure: Fatigue Analysis of Composite Materials
An overview of the composite fatigue analysis module in nCode DesignLife , providing the design analyst with tools to help improve and optimise the durability of composite components.
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Case Study: BOA Optimizes Exhaust Flex-Joints to Market Faster and Reduces Design Risk with nCode GlyphWorks
BOA has streamlined its engineering process by implementing nCode GlyphWorks...
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Case Study: Southwest Windpower: Ensuring the Reliability of Small Wind Turbines with nCode DesignLife™
A case study discussing how Southwest Windpower is using nCode DesignLife to perform fatigue life predictions on their wind turbine designs.
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Case Study: Using nCode DesignLife for Wind Turbine Gearbox Fatigue Analysis
A case study discussing how Hansen Transmissions is using nCode DesignLife for Wind Turbine Gearbox Fatigue Analysis
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MCAD Online review of DesignLife
Archived MCAD article written on DesignLife
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Webinar: Latest Methods for Fatigue of Welds using nCode DesignLife
During this webinar we will discuss the additional capabilities for structural stress calculation methods, locations and orientations that have recently been added to the nCode DesignLife Seam Weld option in version 7. Suggested use cases and recommended modeling techniques will be discussed and the correlation of predictions with physical test specimens using these new techniques will be demonstrated. (right click and select "save link as...")
11 MByte
Whitepaper: Fatigue Analysis of Seam Welded Structures
Authors: Dr. Peter Heyes & Jeff Mentley
2 MByte
Whitepaper: Taking into Account the Forming Process in Fatigue Design Computations
Authors: Matteo Luca Facchinetti (PSA Peugeot Citroen), Bastien Weber (Arcelor Mittal), Cedric Doudard (Laboratoire de Mecanique des Structures Navales), and Sylvain Calloach (Laboratoire de Mecanique des Structures Navales)
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Whitepaper: Using a Common Test and Simulation environment to Optimize the Durability Process and Verify the Results
Authors: Mohamed Bennebach and Robert Cawte
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