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nCode Consulting Services

nCode Consulting Services

Having the right tool is not always enough. Our customers sometimes require additional assistance and expertise to help solve real world problems.

Our engineers have decades of combined experience solving fatigue and durability issues across a range of industries and can provide consulting services for design, test and operations.

Using nCode products, we can assist you in many areas including:

  • Design - meet target service life and rapidly develop a design that is right first time.
  • Test – understand gigabytes of measured data and derive accelerated laboratory durability tests.
  • Operations – learn from operational data, solve in-field failures and improve operating efficiencies.

Contact us to discuss how we can apply our expertise to your durability needs.

Example Services

Accelerated Testing Consulting

nCode has developed accelerated testing methods based on the GAM EG13/NATO AECTP200 standards. In-house experts have undertaken several large projects comparing various test standards, saving clients millions of dollars by avoiding retesting.

More on Accelerated Testing Consulting

The accelerated testing approaches are also used to undertake Mission Synthesis; reducing many complex flight profiles to a mission test profile that can be accurately used for component and systems test.

This service implements an improved process strategy before investment in the software tools, demonstrating success earlier in the selection program.

Signal Processing Services

Signal processing is one of nCode’s core areas of expertise. We have built powerful commercial software products such as nCode GlyphWorks and also use it to solve customers' problems.

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Complex analysis processes can be built for all types of customers – from major OEMS to small consulting houses. We work in the time and frequency domain, address fatigue problems, noise and vibration analysis, rotating frame of reference problems, data anomalies and much more. Typically our customers have masses of data – and many alternative software tools cannot cope.

Some of our customer just require answers, but most want us to help them develop a process they can go on to use time and time again.We are happy to help everyone – generating detailed reports and documented processes that deliver true value from your data.

Example Services

Accelerated Testing

  • Save Testing Time
  • Avoid Retests
  • Keep projects on time
  • Compare Testing Standards
  • Speed up delivery

Signal Processing Services

  • Lets you see the information locked in the data
  • Adds simplicity – and thereby add value
  • Saves time – from data to report
  • Delivers documented processes for you to use