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nCode's Material Testing Laboratory

nCode Material Testing Laboratory: Service Details

nCode's Material Testing Laboratory specializes in:

  • Fatigue life testing, stress-life and strain-life
  • Consultative testing services, access our expertise
  • Handles difficult-to-test materials, and more ...

Range of Services:

  • Single and multi axis, static and dynamic specimen and component testing.
  • Full specimen preparation from stock materials.
  • Casting of specimens available from a wide range of production processes.
  • Extraction of specimens from real components.
  • Strain-life fatigue testing in tension/compression, fully-reversed bending and torsion.
  • Load controlled fatigue testing for the derivation of stress-life or load-life parameters.
  • Static and cyclic thermal loading from -40°C to 1050°C.
  • Related thermal and mechanical loadings from -40°C to 1050°C.
  • Tension/compression from 5kN to 150kN. Torsion up to 5,000Nm.
  • Isothermal non ambient testing in the range -40 Degree C to + 1050 Degree C.
  • Modulus testing of civil engineering elastomeric materials.

Typical Projects:

  • Fatigue characterization of short fiber reinforced composite materials for automotive application.
  • Strain life characterization of automotive body materials.
  • Fatigue life testing of human implants and medical devices.
  • Life testing of cast iron engine materials from components.


Meet Environmental Targets

  • Reduce final product weight
  • Optimize manufacturing processing

Achieve Real Cost Reduction

  • Select materials and manufacturing processes to meet end-user performance
  • Reduce raw material costs
  • Reduce costs of over-design
  • Quantify raw material properties from your suppliers

Better Performance and Design

  • Develop more durable products
  • Meet fatigue performance targets
  • Increase confidence in your end-product characteristics