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> Fatigue & Durability

Introduction to Fatigue Analysis Theory

Fatigue & Durability Applications by nCode

nCode has been the leading developer and supplier of software for fatigue and durability analysis since 1982. The company employs a number of fatigue experts to deliver and support a valuable set of tools for predicting product life in the real usage environment.

The nCode product portfolio covers all your fatigue requirements:

nCode GlyphWorks

Provides fatigue life estimation from measured test data, including methods like stress-life (SN), strain-life (EN), and crack growth. GlyphWorks also includes software tools for accelerating laboratory durability tests.

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nCode DesignLife

Predicts fatigue hotspots and durability, seamlessly using finite element (FE) results from leading finite element analysis (FEA) software. Advanced capabilities are available for a range of conditions such as stress-life, strain-life, vibration, thermo-mechanical (TMF), welds, adhesive bonds...

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nCode Automation

Stores and manages test data - with automated analysis and web based collaboration built in.

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