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Automotive Industry

Automotive Industry

HBM-nCode is a leading provider of durability focused solutions to the automotive industry – providing end to end solutions from test analysis, CAE fatigue evaluation, data management and process control.

With nCode software, engineers of Automotive OEMs and suppliers can:

  • Perform powerful analysis quickly and efficiently
  • Dramatically save analysis time – often from days to minutes
  • Avoid over design and associate cost and weight
  • Automate complex analysis and processes
  • Share and analyze road load data easily

CAE Fatigue Analysis with nCode DesignLife

CAE fatigue analysis dramatically reduces the reliance upon physical prototyping by predicting durability performance earlier in the design process. nCode’s CAE fatigue solution DesignLife works with major FEA software packages, including NASTRAN, ANSYS, HYPERMESH and ABAQUS, and incorporate advanced fatigue analysis capability with stress-life, strain-life, spot weld and seam weld models.

nCode DesignLife allows for rapid fatigue analysis and can incorporate company specific fatigue methods and material property databases. Uniquely, DesignLife integrates real loading data within the CAE analysis software, and can even act as a virtual shaker table.

White Paper: Taking into Account the Forming Process in Fatigue Design Computation

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Test Data Analysis with nCode GlyphWorks

nCode is well known for its fatigue and durability analysis – but nCode GlyphWorks analysis software does a lot more. GlyphWorks is the leader in multi-channel, large dataset analysis. GlyphWorks delivers both durability-focused time domain processing and noise and vibration tools that include octave analysis and waterfall analysis for rotating machinery.

Its data processing capability is also ideal for many other applications such as analysis of powertrain loads, ride and handling data and laboratory test results. GlyphWorks provides a graphical means to create an automated analysis process without any scripting needed. Just drag and drop building blocks to create the required analysis workflow. The software is powerful, simple and intuitive to use - from data to report in just couple of mouse clicks!

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Accelerated Testing with nCode GlyphWorks

nCode has developed advanced methodologies based on international standards that help customers develop accelerated testing programs. Many vehicle components require validation using some sort of durability test. This could include full scale structural testing in the time domain, or component testing with random vibration inputs.

Challenges include quantifying how realistic these test specifications are, comparing different test specs and generating new profiles for completely new products. GlyphWorks Accelerated Testing allows customers to compare and generate test profiles – providing direct savings in time and money.

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Road Load Data Management with nCode Automation

The process of collecting road load data is complex and expensive – and an important part of the product development cycle. nCode has worked with major OEMs for years providing software and systems for data acquisition, test analysis, data management and reporting.

nCode Automation and GlyphWorks work together to streamline the data analysis and management process, delivering the right measured data to the right customers, in the right format.

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Material Characterization & Fatigue Testing Services

nCode has a specialist material testing facility for customers who require high quality, repeatable material characterization. This means that fatigue analysis using nCode GlyphWorks and DesignLife can be enhanced with the specific fatigue properties that accurately reflect your component.

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Ground Vehicle Customer Reviews


“With just a few simple FE-analysis based changes to the design, we were able to extend the durability of our 13“ axle by more than 5 times, having the same costs and material conditions as previously used. nCode DesignLife helps us to identify critical locations, and nCode GlyphWorks helps us to generate test rig signals easily. With a combined use of nCode software for both test and CAE analysis, we created opportunities in product development AL-KO previously didn’t have, and we could reduce prototypes, physical testing effort, costs, and development time.“

Wolfgang Hildensperger, responsible for FEM and fatigue analysis at AL-KO.


“GlyphWorks has really been a time saver in our department. What used to take days can now be performed in hours. Great product.”

Principal Technician – Experimental Mechanics, Commercial Vehicle Systems

Chrysler Group LLC

“We have seen real time savings in performing random vibration tests by using GlyphWorks Accelerated Testing and will now look forward to promoting the method both internally and in our supplier base.”

Senior Specialist, Stress Lab & Durability - Chrysler Group LLC

GKN AutoStructures

“Fatigue editing was completed in a couple of hours – it used to take a couple of days! GlyphWorks did everything it promised.”

Senior Test Engineer - GKN AutoStructures Limited

“We don't use nCode heavily - it mainly gets used for fatigue analysis on one side and data analysis on the other… it's a fantastic tool, and I'm not sure where we'd be without it for some things!”

CAE Project Leader, GKN AutoStructures Limited

General Motors

“Fatigue analysis is a vital part of our design process at GM...nCode DesignLife brings proven technology and process improvements to enable durability assessment before physical prototypes are made.”

Dr. A.K. Khosrovaneh, Structural Durability Technology Manager - General Motors

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Ford Motor Company

Over 100 registered users at Ford now have the ability to search, share, retrieve, and process archived data from over 1.5 terabytes of data from 800 vehicle-related sets of road load data and a total of 2,800 projects using nCode Automation.

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Mahindra & Mahindra

“Increasing channel counts, higher sampling rates, and tracing vast amounts of data as they move between different departments and partner companies are just some of the factors driving laboratories in the aerospace industry to consider new approaches to structural test data processing and management. After evaluation, we have chosen nCode as our supplier for these critical functions.”

Principal Engineer for Structural Test - Mahindra & Mahindra

“Analysis is the simplest task when using GlyphWorks and you begin to enjoy performing complex tasks. The ability to have all design and test data in one single environment makes GlyphWorks a unique and valuable tool."

Manager Reliability Engineering - Mahindra & Mahindra

PSA Peugeot Citroën

“Time at Level flows will help us to save the data analysis time by 90% by using Glyphwork software."

Arjun Phadatare - PSA Peugeot Citroën

See how PSA Peugeot Citroën leverages nCode DesignLife to investigate and predict fatigue life of automotive components and subsystems

Sachs Automotive

“nCode’s software provides PSA Peugeot Citroën with an easy-to-use, standard solution powerful enough to process and manage over 800 gigabytes of data.”

Manager, Customer Usage Synthesis Department -Sachs Automotive

Tata Motors Pune

“I have used other data processing tools for over 10 years but the problem is that they are not intuitive and they do not easily allow batching multiple files or steps. I have a data set coming in tomorrow that would have previously taken 2 weeks to analyze (168) files. It will take me about 8 minutes now. I am thoroughly impressed with the capabilities and ease of use [of nCode GlyphWorks].”

Senior NVH Development Engineer - Tata Motors Pune

Tower International

“nCode DesignLife provides reliable fatigue life prediction to aid in the development of structural products. It has helped us to minimize the development time and cost associated with building prototypes and has also enabled us to evaluate multiple design concepts in a short period of time. We feel DesignLife is a user-friendly and flexible CAE fatigue and durability software.”

CAE Engineer - Tower Automotive

See how nCode DesignLife is used for weight and cost reduction of chassis structures


".. engineers are using nCode DesignLife, for instance, to analyze hood slams. After gathering data from three slam velocities, the engineers can run the stress time history through nCode DesignLife to determine the number of cycles required to induce cracking. With this process, nCode DesignLife saves both cost and time in the testing."

CAE Supervisor - Van-Rob


“HBM-nCode is unique in the amount of testing knowledge possessed by its people, including both its developers and its technical support staff. We have worked closely with nCode to implement the latest methods for generating a damage equivalent synthesized power spectrum density in its GlyphWorks test data analysis software.”

Group Reliability Director - Valeo

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