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Wind Energy Industry

Wind Energy Industry

Modern wind turbines can be efficient, but costly to maintain and repair. nCode solutions help to increase understanding of the dominant factors that affect structural integrity and reliability in wind turbines.

  • Structures can be optimized for weight, cost and life, based on real inputs.
  • New designs or problems can be evaluated and compared to existing known designs.
  • Wind turbines can be monitored and analyzed in service to give advanced notice of potential problems, and to report valuable operating information for the design of the next generation of machines.

With nCode software, you can:

  • Predict fatigue damage in the design of key components of the nacelle such as gearboxes.
  • Understand the structural loading envelope.
  • Monitor operational performance and identify statistical trends.
  • Assess the reliability and structural integrity of systems for long-term operation.
  • Minimize costs and maximize reliability at three stages:
    1. Design for Reliable Operation
    2. Test, Validation and Commissioning
    3. In-service Monitoring

    Concept Design with nCode DesignLife

    The nCode DesignLife advanced fatigue solver for FE results converts stress loadcase results into component or whole structure fatigue lives, providing SN or EN, critical plane solutions and fast hot-spot runs. Loading is based on full time-series histories (real-world measured or design-specification derived) and retains phase relationships. This can be combined into duty cycle events representing many different loading scenarios and wind conditions, including one-off and rare events, covering a full 20-year operating period. Full results plots, safety factor and what-if results are available.Fatigue analysis software certified by GL RC

    nCode DesignLife is certified by GL Renewables Certification (GL RC) which assures customers that their component designs, such as wind turbine hubs and main shafts, can be analyzed in conformity with GL Renewables Certification’s Guideline for the Certification of Wind Turbines (2010) by choosing the right settings in the software. This includes fatigue analysis under complex real world loading conditions specified in GL RC’s guidelines or IEC 61400-1 international standard.

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    Test, Validation and Commissioning with nCode GlyphWorks

    nCode GlyphWorks provides signal processing for vibration and strain-gauge fatigue analysis, with automated reporting. Standard sign-off tests and reports can process hundreds of channels of measurement, hundreds of tests or events, and gigabytes of data, analyzed reliably.

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    In-service Monitoring with nCode Automation

    nCode Automation helps determine what loads a wind turbine encounters in real time. Collected data (such as SCADA or more specific diagnostic measurements) can be passed back to the FEA to be reanalyzed and compared with design expectations. Failure modes can be investigated – do conditions X and Y ever happen at the same time? How often does Z happen? Automated summary reports can be viewed, details investigated and new ideas evaluated with legacy data – all in a web browser.

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    Wind Energy Customer Reviews

    Hansen Transmissions

    “We selected DesignLife because it combines an intuitive interface, the analysis functionality we needed for rotating machinery, as well as the ability to use complex load cases. nCode engineers worked with us during the evaluation process, ensuring that the DesignLife solution meets our needs.”

    Head of Product Technology - Hansen Transmissions

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