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Prognostics Applications

Prognostics is about forecasting failure based on actual product usage. A traditional maintenance approach based on hours or miles neglects one key variable: how the product is actually used.

Measuring field data allows engineers to quantify the severity of the service life, and then compare this severity with design targets. This forms the basis of a Health and Usage Maintenance System (HUMS) service approach by which maintenance schedules can be optimized based on real use.

nCode has developed a range of prognostic techniques that allows operators and fleet managers to really understand how their vehicles and assets are used. This includes analytical methods to measure the severity of field use with measured data, signal processing, and durability analysis techniques. The fleet manager can then act accordingly to improve deployment efficiency with reduced cost.

Prognostics HUMS Benefits include:

  • Use real field data to set maintenance intervals
  • Optimize product usage and deployment
  • Increased maintenance efficiency