nCode Products and Fatigue Theory Training Courses

nCode provides a comprehensive range of technical training classes, focused on practical durability, signal processing and fatigue related engineering problems. Students will learn how apply best practices across a broad spectrum of applications.

Available courses include:

*These courses are not regularly held at an HBM office. Please contact us to arrange training on these topics for your group.

Upcoming Classes

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Title Date Vacancies Place
Shaker Testing for Product Validation   25.09.2014      Plymouth, MI
Interactive Data Processing with nCode GlyphWorks (US)   01.12.2014–  02.12.2014      Southfield, MI
Practical Fatigue Theory (1-day)   03.12.2014      Southfield, MI
FE-based Fatigue Analysis with DesignLife (US)   04.12.2014–  05.12.2014      Southfield, MI

United Kingdom

Title Date Vacancies Place
Practical Fatigue Theory (2-day)   24.11.2014–  25.11.2014      Test Lab, Darley Dale, UK
FE-based Fatigue Analysis with DesignLife (UK)   26.11.2014–  27.11.2014      Rotherham, UK
Interactive Data Processing with nCode GlyphWorks (UK)   03.12.2014–  04.12.2014      Rotherham, UK


Title Date Vacancies Place
Utilisation du logiciel GlyphWorks (Traitement du signal)   24.11.2014–  25.11.2014      Mennecy (91, Ile de France)
Utilisation du logiciel DesignLife (Simulation)   26.11.2014–  27.11.2014      Mennecy (91, Ile de France)


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Sorry, currently no events could be found.


Our courses are well received. Feedback from previous courses is that customers value the practical approach and how we tailor the courses for your specific requirements, for example:

“This was the best software training I have ever attended. Will really help me move forward with better post processing.” commented Aleck Aguado, Sr. Test Technologist, Polaris Industries Inc., attendee of Interactive Data Processing with nCode GlyphWorks

“The course contents were perfect and definitely resolved all my queries… The training was very interactive and the instructor was very knowledgeable, well-organized and very helpful. This training definitely added a lot of value to my skills.” commented Vaibhav Lidbide, Senior Mechanical Engineer at Cummins Power Generation, attendee of Interactive Data Processing with nCode GlyphWorks

"Excellent class. One of the best I have attended in a long time." commented Yogesh Mehta of BorgWarner, Inc attendee of Practical Fatigue Theory

Need help on advanced software features?

Engineering challenges that you need to get up to speed with?

Basic theory that you would like to refresh?

Courses can be tailored to your specific requirements and we aim to make the sessions as relevant to the attendees' needs and interests as possible.

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