The Use of nCode software for Test and CAE in the Product Development Processes of AL-KO

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Since 1931, AL-KO have been manufacturing premium, high quality components used in the automotive, commercial and leisure industry. The extensive range of AL-KO’s chassis components premium accessories and spare parts are engineered to last.
Case Study
Published: January 2015


Capture and secure the fatigue life of all components and products developed by AL-KO through an accurate virtual and physical testing process. AL-KO needs to be able to make precise predictions regarding product life, performance, durability, and warranty while reducing the overall time and effort going into the development process.


AL-KO established a development and testing process that includes the use of nCode GlyphWorks for data analysis and nCode DesignLife for fatigue simulation, enabling a cost efficient, fast, and reliable development and production of new components.


  • less prototypes
  • extended durability
  • easy identification of critical locations
  • reduced costs for tooling
  • reduced development time
  • more precise tests
  • easy generation of test rig signals

“With just a few simple FE-analysis based changes to the design, we were able to extend the durability of our 13“ axle by more than 5 times, having the same costs and material conditions as previously used. nCode DesignLife helps us to identify critical locations, and nCode GlyphWorks helps us to generate test rig signals easily. With a combined use of nCode software for both test and CAE analysis, we created opportunities in product development AL-KO previously didn’t have, and we could reduce prototypes, physical testing effort, costs, and development time.“

Wolfgang Hildensperger, responsible for FEM and fatigue analysis at AL-KO.