Free Whitepaper Download: Transformational Insights from Digital Bus Data

Bus data is increasingly used for many applications beyond its initial purpose. These applications include usage monitoring, design validation, design enhancement, and safety validation.

Connected vehicles, for example, are making these sources of data readily available and offer the promise of transformational information. Benefits include the ability to better design products according to actual usage patterns in order to reduce warranty costs. However, bus data raises a number of challenges, essentially due to the quality and quantity of data.

The next generation solution for meeting these challenges is now available in Aqira. This web-based platform delivers access to nCodeDS, a scalable technology that enables engineers to gain actionable insights from streamed data analytics.

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Live Launch at Prenscia User Group Meeting - Novi, MI (USA)

The first live demonstration of nCodeDS will be given on April 30th during the 2019 Prenscia User Group Meeting in Novi, MI (USA). This two-day, user-centric event features two dedicated tracks of hands-on workshops and customer presentations that will better allow users to transform data into decisions.

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