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nCode 12 Release Offers New Software, Enhanced Analysis Capabilities, and Adopts New Licensing Manager

Release introduces nCode VibeSys™, enhanced capabilities for Composites, Prenscia Access™, and LM-X licensing

ROTHERHAM, UK (March 1, 2016) - HBM nCode, developer of the long-established brand of durability, test and analysis software, announces today the version 12 release of its software suite. nCode 12 introduces a new product for performing acoustics and vibration analysis, a new solver for composite static failure criteria, and improvements in functionality across the entire nCode software suite. Reliability and maintainability software by ReliaSoft® has also been made available under a new flexible licensing option, Prenscia Access.
“This latest release reinforces our commitment to developing technologically advanced solutions that our end-users are asking for,”said Jon Aldred, Director of Product Management for HBM nCode. “The new solutions available with nCode 12 enable customers to solve a range of engineering challenges in an intuitive environment that is completely independent of any data acquisition hardware.”
Acoustics and Vibration Analysis. nCode VibeSys is a new data processing system that enables acoustics and vibration engineers to design reliable products that satisfy customer expectations in terms of sound, comfort and regulatory requirements. This easy-to-use software contains a set of pre-defined processes for noise and vibration challenges like understanding structural dynamics, assessing human perception, and identifying the root cause of noise or vibration problems in rotating machinery.
Composite Analysis. A new Composite Analysis option in nCode DesignLife allows users to evaluate the strength of a structure against industry standard composite static failure criteria such as Tsai-Hill and Tsai-Wu. Stresses can be assessed by using the selected failure criteria throughout realistic duty cycles, allowing critical locations, load combinations, and associated design reserve factors to be readily identified. This approach simplifies and automates widely used failure analysis methods used for composites in lightweighting initiatives in ground vehicle and aerospace industries.
Access to ReliaSoft Products. nCode 12 introduces compatibility with Prenscia Access, a unified licensing model that provides annual leased access to both nCode and ReliaSoft product ranges. Prenscia Access extends nCode CDS licensing units to enable the use of ReliaSoft products such as Weibull++ and Xfmea.
“We have leveraged our strategic integration with ReliaSoft Corporation to open up new possibilities for developing innovative methods that combine durability and reliability technologies,” said Aldred. “The introduction of Prenscia Access gives our customers the opportunity to improve product reliability, enhance their productivity, and improve their return on investment.”
New Licensing Manager Adopted. As from version 12, nCode software licenses will be managed using LM-X License Manager. A new license administration tool is also used, making it easier to install the license server on required hardware and manage licenses. The adoption of LM-X also provides increased security and improves CDS usage reporting.




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