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nCode 2021.1 accelerates design, enables correlation, and enhances reporting

New capabilities across the nCode software suite deliver data-driven confidence through accurate analysis and CAE simulation  

Release highlights:

  • In the latest release of nCode 2021.1, engineers can achieve a greater understanding of the performance of inverters and electric motors, optimize the electric motor controller, and understand efficiency or losses for electric motor states with powerful data analysis and reporting using nCode Fundamentals.
  • Engineers can gain a deeper understanding of failure modes and model correlation utilizing animation features.
  • nCode 2021.1 provides the most extensive frequency domain fatigue simulation capabilities with the application of Multi-PSD loading to all major fatigue solvers.
  • Additional enhancements for visualizing data through customised displays and animated models improve readability and accuracy.

nCode 2021.1 provides new way to easily transform power measurements on electric motors into actionable insights and improves techniques for test-CAE correlation, visualizing engineering data, and frequency-based fatigue analysis. Hottinger Brüel & Kjær (HBK), a specialist in sound, vibration, mechanical and electrical testing solutions, provide nCode, a powerful suite of data analytics and CAE simulation software.

A new pre-defined process in nCode 2021.1 simplifies the post-processing of measured mechanical and electrical signals, enabling engineers to achieve optimal performance, accelerate design improvements, and improve real-world reliability of electric vehicles. “The analytical capabilities of nCode and its ability to rapidly process huge quantities of time series data provides numeric metrics for understanding efficiency and accelerating design decisions.” said Jon Aldred, Director of Prenscia Product Management at HBK. “Quantifiable comparisons can be made to understand how configurations impact vehicle range and therefore customer expectations for performance.” 

(Video) Lightboard introduction post-processing electrical and mechanical signals of inverters and electric motors measured at a high sample rate.

The capabilities of nCode are leveraged in Aqira, a web-based platform for creating, sharing, and running engineering apps which enable web-based data analytics and CAE simulation. These “no code” engineering apps in Aqira are defined by experts yet easily executed by anyone with appropriate access and a web-browser. This enables the democratization of many time-consuming engineering tasks, hiding the complexity but sharing the standardized process.


nCode GlyphWorks, nCode DesignLife, nCode VibeSys, the Premium Materials Database are developed within the nCode software portfolio operating under Hottinger Bruel & Kjaer (HBK). HBK (Hottinger, Brüel & Kjær) provides scalable test and validation solutions that enables engineers in transportation, aerospace and defense, and telecom markets to cut time-to-market, drive innovation, and take the lead in a highly competitive global marketplace. HBK offers technology for sensing, data acquisition, data analytics and simulation to cover all aspects of product design, development and deployment. More information can be found at www.hbkworld.com.




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