Standardize, democratize, and globalize engineering processes

Aqira is a web-based platform for creating, sharing, and running engineering apps and analysis processes. It delivers an integrated solution for uniting engineering processes and driving performance across physical test and CAE simulation departments. Offered using token-based licenses, Aqira provides cost-effective global licensing access to an unparalleled solution for addressing the demands of engineers, managers, and IT.
  • Engineering apps to encapsulate and share analysis processes and hide the complexity of general purpose analysis tools
  • HTML5 web interface for processing measured test data, performing durability analysis and fatigue life prediction, and generating engineering reports using nCode software
  • Token-based licensing structure for controlled software usage
  • Centralized hub for finding analysis processes and data using metadata and tag search
  • Server-side processing avoids local software installation and performs faster analysis
  • Dashboard displays enable administrators to see real-time license utilization
  • Improved quality of analysis and standardized processes
  • More productivity from less-expert users and increased democratization of engineering analysis
  • Streamlined design and development processes for ensuring product durability
  • Cost-effective deployment and global licensing with Prenscia Access
  • Standardized engineering tools with reduced IT support
  • Effectively managed engineering processes and teams
The following course features hands-on examples with Aqira:
The challenges facing engineers are ever increasing. They need to ensure the right product durability with even greater reliability — and in less time. The solution is Aqira.
Organizations often rely on a few key individuals for important corporate knowledge. Aqira enables engineering insights from more people at the right time.
Advancements in information technology are changing the way we operate. Aqira improves productivity and efficiency with the ability to access anywhere.