Web-based platform for analysis and simulation


Web-based platform for analysis and simulation

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Increasingly important to engineers is the ability to quickly design optimized, reliable and durable products. The accessibility of big data has driven the need to quickly and easily analyze high volumes of various data coming from many different sources. The ability to perform advanced analysis and simulation also needs to be increasingly in the hands of more engineers. To meet these challenges, Aqira offers a unique collaborative engineering platform for engineers, managers, and IT.
Web-based analysis and simulation

Aqira contains enhanced capabilities for running nCode analysis software and Python scripts over the web. Engineers can create new analyses or edit existing processes to perform engineering tasks such as cleaning measured data, running time and frequency domains analyses, and performing CAE-based fatigue analysis all within Aqira’s simple web-based interface. nCode software is chosen by engineers worldwide for processing of high volumes measured time series data and for industry-leading capabilities for fatigue life prediction to avoid the cost of unexpected failures. By running nCode over the web, Aqira eliminates the need to manage many local installations and therefore reduces IT effort while meeting technology requirements of engineering and managers.

Aqira delivers the ability to perform engineering tasks such as cleaning measured data, running time and frequency domain analyses, and performing CAE-based fatigue analysis over the web.

Create, share and run apps

Engineering apps allow technical experts to wrap up their complex processes, including nCode and Python scripts, into web-based easy-to-user interfaces. These apps can then easily be managed and shared to user groups, effectively democratizing knowledge by enabling less-expert users to leverage standard processes. Apps are created using a “no-code” approach through an intuitive drag and drop interface and similarly user-defined front-end pages are graphically and interactively defined. Apps enable more engineers to focus on the results and efficient decision making rather than spending time on data manipulation and manual calculation steps.
Streamed data analytics

Designed for scalable deployment within the web-based Aqira platform, nCodeDS (nCode Digital Streams) provides both the performance and the ease of use required to analyze high volumes of digital bus and connected vehicle data. Analysis is performed by composing a set of validated engineering algorithms into workflows that achieve a well-defined complex operation.

  • Anomaly detection and correction, for clean data with meaningful results.
  • Event or feature extraction based on sophisticated conditions, so only specific situations are considered.
  • Data compression for volume reduction and increased performance.
  • Data reduction to summarize particular aspects of data in a histogram or spectrum.
  • Signal processing such as sampling, filters, Fourier analysis or arithmetic operations, to transform the data.
  • Interface with Python and native support of pandas data frames for huge flexibility and easier Integration of machine learning.

Find acquired data and processes

Aqira offers the possibility to manage data stored anywhere on your network by indexing them using metadata available within the files or any other additional tags. Used as search criteria in an app, they allow to quickly find data and directly view, analyze and/or synthetize them in a report. With built-in data search capabilities in Aqira, users can reduce time spent looking for data files, eliminate unnecessary tests, and avoid storing high volumes of digital data that is never re-used.

The analysis of stored data offers the possibilities to follow trends, do correlations, cumulate damage, calculate remaining useful life for extensive applications such as fleet monitoring and predictive maintenance.

Secure access

Aqira is a secured web-based platform (HTTPS), which is installed on-premise using physical servers or cloud infrastructure utilizing the latest containerized technology. Aqira manages user access, using active directory or Aqira credentials, as well specifics users’ rights. The use of secure technology enables work from home and work from anywhere to meet the demands and flexibility of today’s business needs.

Token-based licensing

Aqira leverages a token-based licensing system which draws a specified number of tokens from a shared cache when a ReliaSoft or nCode software product option is launched. Aqira gives you more control on your tokens pool by allocating them to different departments, groups, or entities as well as monitoring software usage over time.

Additionally, the system utilizes a time-zone based usage model for license tokens, providing a more cost-effective approach for global software usage, plus other advantages as reducing tokens draw for ReliaSoft XFMEA, DesignLife thread option and also giving user access to the ReliaSoft SEP web portal at no additional cost.

Ready to achieve success through failure prediction?

Ready to achieve success through failure prediction?