Addressing frequency-based fatigue with nCode DesignLife

The Vibration Fatigue option provides the capability to predict fatigue in the frequency domain. Frequency-based fatigue analysis produces more realistic and efficient results than time-domain analysis for applications with random loading such as wind and wave loads or where structures are excited by rotating machinery.

  • Simulates vibration shaker tests driven by random PSD, swept-sine, sine-dwell, or sine-on-random loading.
  • FE models are solved for frequency response or modal analysis.
  • Vibration loading is defined in DesignLife and can include effect of temperature, static offset load cases and complete duty cycles of combined loading.
  • Complete duty cycles can combine different vibration loading types and then with time-domain loads for more complex loadings.
  • Multiple simultaneous frequency domain PSD loads can be applied including cross spectra to simulate real-world loading.
  • Frequency domain inputs can be quickly and directly generated from time series data.
  • Vibration fatigue can be used for stress-life, strain-life, seam weld, spot weld and short fibre composite analysis methods, providing the most extensive frequency domain fatigue simulation capabilities commercially available.


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Applications: Vehicle electrification - identify the critical fatigue failure points on all types of battery structure, materials, welds, and joining technologies
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