Vibration Fatigue functionality in nCode DesignLife

The Vibration Fatigue option provides the capability to predict fatigue in the frequency domain and it is more realistic and efficient than time-domain analysis for many applications with random loading such as wind and wave loads.

  • Simulates vibration shaker tests driven by random PSD, swept-sine, sine-dwell, or sine-on-random loading
  • FE models are solved for frequency response or modal analysis
  • Vibration loading is defined in DesignLife and can include effect of temperature, static offset load cases and complete duty cycles of combined loading
  • Vibration fatigue loads can be used for SN, EN, seam weld, spot weld and Short Fibre methods
  • Vibration Profile Design (formerly known as Accelerated Testing) is a complementary product option that provides the ability to create a representative PSD or swept-sine shaker vibration test based on measured data. It enables the combination of multiple time or frequency domain data sets into representative test spectra that accelerates the test without exceeding realistic levels.

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