Acoustics and vibration analysis

nCode VibeSys is a data processing system that contains a powerful set of pre-defined tools for performing acoustics and vibration analysis. In addition to general signal processing, VibeSys contains dedicated analyses for early fault detection in rotating machinery, rating human reactions to sounds and vibrations, and for characterizing the dynamics of a structure:

VibeSys Structural Dynamics provides a range of noise and vibration analysis capabilities to compute the frequency response function of a structure and to assess its dynamic properties.

VibeSys Human Perception provides a range of noise and vibration analysis capabilities to assess vehicle ride quality analysis to ISO 2631 standard and hand-arm vibration assessment to ISO 5349 standard, octave analysis, and psychoacoustic analysis.

VibeSys Rotating Machinery provides a range of analysis capabilities for detecting early symptoms of noise or vibration problems in rotating machinery, and identifying their root cause.
  • Proven methods for rotating machinery analysis, understanding human perception of vibration and sound, and structural dynamics
  • Pre-defined processes for performing time and frequency analysis
  • Operating deflection shapes (ODS) and mode shapes to visualize the vibration patterns of a structure
  • Intuitive displays for easy process development with media playback capabilities
  • Interactive displays for characterizing modal properties to validate or enhance structural FE modelling
  • Vibration Manager for entering, editing, and viewing vibration specification data
  • Save time and cost with faster, more meaningful fault detection and diagnostics for rotating machinery
  • Satisfy customers' expectations in terms of sound, comfort, and regulatory requirements
  • Improve consistency and quality with standardized analysis processes
  • Go straight from raw data to finished reporting for improved productivity
  • Easily process huge amounts of data in a wide range of data formats
The following courses feature hands-on examples with VibeSys:

Product Options

Core functionality - nCode Fundamentals

nCode Fundamentals provides visualization and basic manipulation of data, frequency spectrum analysis, filtering capabilities, and reporting. It is included in the base package of VibeSys and is a prerequisite for all other product options.

nCode Fundamentals features:

  • Input/output support of multiple data formats
  • Visualization and reporting
  • Frequency Spectrum (Amplitude, Power, Energy)
  • Filtering (IIR and FIR)
  • Extraction and concatenation
  • Statistics and running statistics, including higher order standardized moments such as kurtosis
  • Resampling
  • Unit conversion
  • Time at level analysis
  • Probability density functions
  • Graphical editor
  • Channel calculator
  • Batch and interactive interfaces
  • SuperGlyph to encapsulate multiple analysis functions as a single glyph that can be saved and reused
Core functionality - Vibration Manager
Modal Analysis
Vibration Profile Design
Media Display
Data Cleaning