Simulating fatigue under swept sine on random loading using nCode DesignLife

Date: December 08, 2022 - 11:00 AM EST/4:00 PM GMT/5:00 PM CET

Many internal combustion engine components are tested for durability using electrodynamic shakers with a random vibration profile defined from suitably derived PSDs (power spectral densities). However, the physical characteristics of the electric powertrain now requires a greater usage of sine on random, and particularly swept sine on random shaker tests. A CAE durability simulation of the shaker test can be performed in the frequency or the time domains by using either the inputs or the outputs of the shaker. This section of the presentation outlines the advantages and disadvantages of different approaches for simulating dynamic durability tests such as swept sine on random using finite element simulations.

This presentation will provide an introduction to performing fatigue analysis on FE models in nCode DesignLife. Attendees will become familiar with the nCode user interface and how create processes. The basic Stress-Life (SN) and Strain-Life (EN) fatigue calculations on FE models will be discussed in addition to more advanced solvers will be introduced.