nCode GlyphWorks: Accelerated Durability Testing

Learn how to create accelerated durability test specifications with nCode GlyphWorks

Required prerequisite / foundational course - nCode GlyphWorks: Signal Processing and Test Data Analysis

Course overview - 1 day

nCode GlyphWorks: Accelerated Durability Testing provides an overview of analysis techniques and offers hands-on sessions where you will learn how to create accelerated durability test specifications using nCode GlyphWorks software. This includes validation testing in the cycles domain (including constant amplitude and block cycle), time domain and frequency domain. Damage equivalence and other quantifiable correlation techniques will be used.

Learning Objectives

  • Introduce lab durability testing methods, including strengths, weaknesses, and applicability of each
  • Explain ways to accelerate these durability tests
  • Create test specifications for validation or durability testing
  • Compare existing test specifications with measured field data
  • Correlate durability testing with known service loading
  • Include reliability demonstration in durability testing

Topics included

  • Introduction to laboratory durability tests
  • Structural response
  • Quasi-static accelerated durability testing

  • Time domain accelerated durability testing
  • Frequency domain accelerated durability testing
  • Reliability demonstration test
Who should attend

The nCode GlyphWorks: Accelerated Durability Testing course is aimed at test, development and durability engineers who need to create or compare durability test specifications. It is assumed that attendees are familiar with data measurement practices and general signal processing concepts. 

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Have you taken the required prerequisite course?

Before you register for nCode GlyphWorks: Accelerated Durability Testing, please ensure you have taken nCode GlyphWorks: Signal Processing and Test Data Analysis, which is a required prequisite.