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Durability engineering videos

Durability engineering videos

Accelerate Decision Making with Faster Analysis and Data Search

This webinar will reveal how engineers can rapidly get actionable insights from large quantities of sensor data using nCode software. A live demonstration of Aqira and nCodeDS will illustrate search capabilities that enable you to perform data-related queries, even down to the individual measurement channel. It will also show how using these search results together with scalable data analytics enables you to more rapidly solve your engineering challenges.

Originally presented on May 13, 2020

Notes from the presenter

Thanks for watching! I hope you gained a better understanding of how Aqira can help engineers rapidly search through large amounts of measured data and process all that data more much quickly.

One of the interesting points that came out of the Q&A was the ability to integrate nCode GlyphWorks analysis together with the search results.  It perhaps wasn’t obvious from the initial demo just how flexible that part is. You really can make the app do whatever analysis you want and put it on a button in the interface!

There was also a question that came in that wasn’t addressed in the Q&A which was whether the primary application for nCodeDS is for fleet management. Great question because although nCodeDS is able to process CSV file data that may be common for fleet applications, it is really more general than that. nCodeDS also able to efficiently process large amounts of high quality test and measurement data so it is of benefit wherever you have high volumes of data that need to analyzed in well-defined and automated processes.




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