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Durability engineering videos

Durability engineering videos

Material Testing and Fatigue Characterisation for Fatigue of Welds in nCode DesignLife

Welding is a commonly used and effective method for making structural joints between metal parts. However, the nature of the welding process means that these weldments generally have a fatigue strength that is inferior to that of the parts being joined together. The result is that, even in a well-designed structure, the welded joints are likely to fatigue. Any evaluation of the durability of a welded structure must therefore place a high priority on a fatigue assessment of the welded joints.

DesignLife provides multiple approaches for the fatigue life prediction of welds from finite element results. These were presented in “Introduction to nCode DesignLife for Fatigue of Welds” (March 30, 2021).

This webinar continues this subject and describes the material testing and subsequent fatigue characterization to obtain the weld fatigue properties for use in nCode DesignLife for seam welds and spot welds.

Originally presented on July 8, 2021




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