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Durability engineering videos

Durability engineering videos

Shaker Profile Design for Optimized Vibration Durability Tests

Shaker tests are important for product validation - but what profile to run? Learn how to create accelerated shaker profiles for frequency domain testing.

In this presentation, we'll explore how nCode's Vibration Profile Design module brings together concepts of vibration and durability analysis to create a realistic shaker test. We'll show how quantifiable comparisons can be made between existing shaker profiles – for example, how to compare a sine sweep test to a random PSD test, or how to compare an existing test specification with new measured field vibration data.  We'll also look at powerful new features in nCode 2021 that expand analysis options in this area.

Originally presented on February 16, 2021

Notes from the presenter

Thanks for watching – we hope you learned some new ways to create a meaningful vibration shaker test profile!  During the live webinar, attendees asked a number of really interesting questions – so I’d like to share a few answers and tips:

  • Shaker profiles for durability validation should be based on fatigue metrics like the fatigue damage spectrum (FDS), which nCode can calculate.
  • The FDS recognizes the importance of both vibration levels and exposure duration on accumulated fatigue damage. It provides benefits beyond the traditional fast Fourier transform (FFT), which doesn’t account for exposure duration.
  • Shaker profiles can be used for digital product validation as well! nCode DesignLife can combine the shaker profile with stresses from finite element analysis (FEA) to virtually predict fatigue life. This digital durability analysis can provide huge benefits to product development time and cost.
  • We investigated how to use measured vibration to create realistic shaker profiles.  nCode can read vibration time series in dozens of formats, including those from HBM data acquisition hardware and others!

Ready to achieve success through failure prediction?

Ready to achieve success through failure prediction?




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