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Durability engineering videos

Durability engineering videos

Using Display and Analysis Techniques to Rapidly Gain Insights from Measured Load Data

In this webinar, we will explore how to gain actionable insights and drive product design improvements through analyzing and visualizing service loading conditions with nCode. Techniques like frequency analysis, time-at-level analysis, and Rainflow cycle counting will be demonstrated to characterize product performance and understand vibration levels. We will identify the factors that may lead to durability concerns and investigate what conditions drive fatigue, when and where the conditions occur on the road, and what media like onboard video can tell us.

Originally presented on March 24, 2020

Notes from the presenter

Thanks for watching - we hope that you identified ways that nCode can provide unique insight into measured load data! During the live webinar, we had a very active Q&A session with attendees, and several great additional points came out that I’d like to share as best practices:

  • nCode includes a full library of material SN and EN curves to assist in fatigue analysis.
  • nCode GlyphWorks easily covers many aspects of durability analysis, even including user-configurable damage models for unique cases like gearset durability, bearing life, and wear analysis.
  • We talked about the value of having synchronized time series data, GPS, and video.  It’s easy to measure transducer data, GPS, and video synchronously using HBM data acquisition systems.
  • While GlyphWorks is built to process measured data post-acquisition, Aqira delivers the abilty to analyze streamed data through nCodeDS. This opens up many new environments for real-time data analysis!




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